Personalized "Someone We Love is in Heaven" Premium Canvas

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Personalized "Someone We Love is in Heaven" Premium Canvas

"Gearden created a beautiful product! The canvas print appears bright, clear, and vibrant. I highly recommend it!"
★★★★★ Kristin A. - GearDen Customer
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  • I fony want a name or date on it snf it wont let me proceed

    Hi there, 
    If you want the non-personalized design, order from this page instead >

  • Can multiple names be added instead of dates and if so how many?

    Hi there. 

    Yes we can do that, just add the names and enter "No dates" under dates.
    Then let us know via email that you want the names spread out to where the dates would have been. 

    We can add as many names as you want, theoretically, but note that the names wil get smaller the more you add. 

    Hope that helps.

  • Can I get this sign with NO date and name? Do I just leave those blank upon ordering? Please advise

    Hi, Ricky. You can order the non-personalized version here >>

  • Can two names be put on the canvas instead of a date?

    Hi, Rhea. Thank you for your question. Yes, we can do that.

  • How do I add a second name and date

    Hi, Brandy. Thank you for your question. We're sorry, but we cannot accommodate 2 names and their dates. But if you want to add 2 names, we won't be able to add the dates, only the names.

  • Can you get it with a picture on it

    Hi, Renae. Yes, you can. Please click here Hope this helps! :)

  • I thought it was 39.00$ not 89.00

    Hi, Maribel. Thanks for your question. This canvas is priced according to size. The $39.95 is for the smallest size 8 x 8 inches, while $89.95 is for the 24 x 24 inches size. Hope this helps! :)

  • Can you get three name on it

    Hi, Steve. Thank you for your question. Yes, we can add three  names on it if dates are not added.

  • Can you get two names on canvas?

    Yes we can do that, but the names will obviously be smaller.

  • Does this come in any other colors?

    Hi, Jean! Thanks for your question. This personalized canvas does not come in other colors at the moment. But the non-personalized come other colors and design too. Kindly check the links below:

    Hope this helps! :)