Affordable But Quality Father's Day Gifts Under $100

June 15, 2022 4 min read

affordable Father's Day gifts

We often think that Father's Day presents are just two categories: ultra-expensive hobby tools and hand-drawn greeting cards. That's why a lot of us find it difficult to find gifts for dad when June rolls around. The perfect present has to be something that dad would actually like or use, and wouldn't break the bank.

Here, we've compiled 10 fantastic Father's Day gift ideas that are affordable but valuable at the same time. Nothing over $100! Read on and get shopping.


1. Coffee kit

Plenty of coffeemakers in the market are priced well below $100, from coffee machines to French presses to Moka pots. If you have wiggle room in your budget, add coffeemaking accessories that will elevate your father's cup o' joe. Maybe a bag of specialty beans, a mug warmer, a travel tumbler, or even some liquors or spirits to infuse!


2. Den/Office art

Wall art is a foolproof gift for anyone in the family, especially for a father who has an office, game room, or den to decorate. Choose an artwork with an elegant design that also expresses your admiration of your dad. Above, the beautiful wood design of our canvas print would look great in a refined office, while below, our customizable dad-and-child decor can bring tears to your father's eyes!

Wall art pictured above: "Papa - The Man, The Myth, The Legend" Premium Rustic Canvas

Starts at $44.95


Wall art pictured above: Personalized "A Father - First Hero/Love" Premium Panoramic Canvas

Starts at $79.95


3. Cocktail kit

If your dad likes to sit back at the end of the day with a cool glass of bourbon -- or if he's started to dabble at fancier cocktail-mixing -- then a cocktail kit would be a perfect present. You can find tons of pre-packaged kits with one Google search, or you can build your own custom kit to suit your dad's preferences (and your budget!).

For starters, here's what to include for a Classic Old-fashioned kit: whiskey, simple syrup, maraschino cherry, orange, and Angostura bitters.


4. Family portrait

Is your father the epitome of family man? We bet he is! For the family-oriented dad, a custom family picture would be such a sweet gift. But go beyond just printing out one photo. Surprise him with a professionally made collage of special memories, like the one above. You can get this in a small size that can sit atop his desk, or in a large size that would hang wonderfully on his wall.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" With Photos Premium Canvas

Starts at $44.95


5. Memory pillow

A pillow isn't just a practical gift, it can also be utterly meaningful. With our customizable pillow above, you can choose a personal photo that means a lot to your dad, and we'll print it on the pillow for you! Maybe it's a picture of your father holding you as a baby, attending your graduation, or walking you down the aisle. Prepare for teary eyes!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Photo Pillow "Our Dad Is Our Hero"

Starts at $29.95


6. Silly mug

A mug as a gift may seem so boring, but hear us out: with the right print, it can bring out genuine laughs from your dad! Above, our mustache-printed mug comes with a funny text quote that might just make it your father's new favorite drinkware.

Mug pictured above: "No Matter What" Mug for Dad

Starts at $14.99


7. Handmade personal effects

A gift will always be special if it's something you made with love. What's a common item that your dad can use everyday? Get that item and personalize it! It could be a simple wallet, coffee cup, to-go tumbler, or yes, a necktie. We love the example above of personalizing neckties with photo patches -- a DIY craft by Jen Causey.


8.  A tech tool

Tech gifts for dad don't always have to be as expensive as a new smartphone. It can just be something that would make your father's daily life a little easier, like earbuds so he can work while listening to his favorite podcast, an affordable video doorbell for added security at his home, or even a massager for his neck, shoulders, or feet.


9. Shirt with attitude

Refresh your dad's wardrobe with a shirt that actually matches his personality! Our long-sleeved shirt above is highly rated by our more fiery customers. It proudly displays the sassy quote "I never dreamed that one day I'd become a grumpy old man, but here I am, killing it." Does that remind you of a family member? 😁

Shirt pictured above: "Grumpy Old Man" Shirt

Starts at $22.99


10. Sport or active equipment

Thinking about a beneficial gift for your dad? How about something that encourages healthy activity in his daily life? Countless products in the market make it easier for people to get moving -- from comfortable hiking gear, to stay-at-home fitness tools, to state-of-the-art sports equipment. Just remember one rule for gifting your dad fitness tools: make sure it's appropriate for his health and age.


So, which of these Father's Day gift ideas would make your dad happy? If you need more ideas, read our other blog post on gifts for dad.

And if you're ready to shop for your present, browse for wonderful wall art, customizable pillows, and funny shirts! Happy gifting!


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