A Wall Art for Every Occasion: Your Decor & Gift Guide

November 26, 2021 6 min read

personalized wall art gift decor

Let's take a moment to appreciate how terrific a canvas wall art is. It can instantly add style to a wall -- or an entire room. It's expressive and aesthetic. It's a foolproof present to anyone of any age. And on top of all that, it can be personalized to match the recipient or the occasion!

So if you're looking for that one decor piece to jazz up your home, or if you're finding it hard to find a gift for a loved one, we highly recommend you get a wall art piece. Here, we round up our top picks (so far) of canvas art prints for any occasion and any milestone throughout the year. Enough searching -- use this post as your gift and decor guide all year round!


Wall Art Gifts for Life's Milestones

Loved One's Birthday

A customized monogram art makes a fantastic gift for any special person in your life -- man, woman, child, parent, or friend. This artwork is especially appropriate on their birthday because it's all about celebrating them, the one and only.

Our personalized name canvas print above usually bears a family name, but you can customize it to have your loved one's name and birth year in the design (example: "Amanda - Est. 1989"). You can even change the colors to match their personality!

We have more personalized artworks for moms, dads, kids, grandparents, spouses, and more -- click here!


Engagement Dinner

Whether you're looking for an engagement gift for your fiance(e), or you're a friend who's gifting to the blushing couple, we have just the artwork to induce a sweet sugar rush. The charming couple wall art above is customizable so it shows a sneak peek of how the romantic love story began. It's also marked with the couple's names and special date.

For more wall art presents for your significant other, check out our incredibly romantic gift ideas here!


Wedding Anniversary

Your wedding anniversary is the perfect time to look back at the significant points in your relationship, from the day you two first met, the day you got engaged, your wedding day, and more. Take your husband/wife on a romantic trip down memory lane with the custom anniversary wall art above, which is a bestseller on GearDen!

Want more anniversary gift ideas? See our blog post here.


Baby Shower/Gender Reveal/Baptism

Yes, there are wall art presents for babies and new parents, too! A sweet and whimsical artwork would be perfect to decorate a nursery, a child's room, or a playroom. Our pick is the customizable child wall art above, with an adorable stars-and-moon design reminiscent of The Little Prince. It also includes the little one's name and birth date on the print!

For more baby gift ideas, read our nursery decor guide here!


Retirement party

When an older colleague or friend is retiring, it can be tricky to find a gift that's appropriate for the occasion and not a fountain pen. Our tip? Opt for a lighthearted but nice wall art that celebrates their advanced years without being mushy.

We recommend the wall quote above that says "If things get better with age, then I am approaching magnificence." Plus, we have a runner-up gift idea below that says "I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands."



Wall Art Decor for Yearly Holidays

New Year's Party

Buntings and baubles are foolproof ways to make your New Year's Eve look festive. But in your dining room, complete the celebratory ambiance with a merry wall art! One of our favorites is the personalized "Eat, Drink, & Be Merry" canvas print above that's elegant enough to impress guests and fun enough to match the celebration.

We have tons more wall decor for your kitchen and dining room -- browse here!


Valentine's Day

Whether you're having Valentine dinner with your spouse, fiance(e), boyfriend, or girlfriend, an expressive and pretty artwork can set the tone of your space. One of our top picks for love birds is the personalized sunset couple wall art above, which is unabashedly romantic and also visually cute. Its colors will match the glow of your candlelit dinner!

Want more wall prints to decorate your bedroom or den? Browse our couple wall art collection here!


St. Patrick's Day

Saint Paddy's has to be one of the most fun holidays of the year! If you're hosting a party for this occasion, punctuate your decor with our Irish-themed family wall art above, complete with green shamrocks and a Celtic monogram. It's a perfect mix of fun and traditional Gaelic.

Need more Irish decor in your home? We have fantastic decor ideas here!


Easter Sunday

A watercolor-inspired floral artwork, like the one above, can instantly add Spring to your style. 🙂 Even better, this canvas print features a mealtime blessing, making it the perfect decor to hang for your Easter brunch or dinner party. Or, if you prefer, keep it on your wall all year round to brighten the room with pastel colors.

Find more delightful and affordable Easter decor ideas in our blog post here!


Cinco de Mayo

Are you celebrating a Mexican heritage with your family in the US? The Mexican-American wall decor above is just perfect for this holiday! This unique canvas print combines the flags of Mexico and USA, and is customizable with your family name. It's a great conversation-starter between colorful buntings!

We have more flag-themed wall art here!


Graduation Season

If you have a friend, sibling, or child who's graduating to a new chapter in life, a cute motivational artwork can fuel them to keep going. The personalized graduation keepsake above has an inspiring message, which you can then customize with the graduate's name and graduation year. They can hang this in their dorm room or prop it up on their work desk.

Find more affordable yet lovely graduation gift ideas here!


Mother's Day

Flowers and spa pampering are nice gifts for Mom's Day, but don't forget to express your love in actual words! We often take this for granted, so it would be a beautiful present for Mama to hear or read our appreciation.

One of our favorite expressions is the personalized Mom artwork above, which says "You are the Mom everyone wishes they had." How sweet is that? Plus, you can add all the names of you and your siblings as a sort of signature into the design.

We have tons of decor and gifts for mothers on Gear Den -- check here!


Father's Day

Likewise, our Dads deserve to feel so loved, too! Whether your father is the sensitive, gentle type, or the strong, unemotional type, he must feel that warm, fuzzy feeling when his kids give him a heartfelt gift. How about the customized Dad wall sign above, which can be printed with your name?

Need help crafting a Father's Day message? Read our blog post here.


Independence Day

Oh, the endless ways to decorate for the 4th of July! You'll never run out of festive yet patriotic decor options. However, the most timeless piece that each home should have on this day is no other than the USA flag. If you want to put your own unique spin on it, get this flag-themed wall art with your family name in the design!

PS. This canvas print comes with a wood frame on the back so it's ready to hang on your living room or porch!

Love the Americana style for your home? See our Americana decorating guide here!


Grandparents' Day

If you ask us, Grandparents' Day should be a major celebration! In the US, National Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day. Surprise your Nana and Grampa with a wonderful customized artwork that has a sweet sentiment, like the personalized grandparent hearts print above where you can put the names of their loving grandchildren!

For more gift suggestions for grandma and grandpa, read our blog here!



For your Thanksgiving dinner or any Thanksgiving Day observation, grace your home with an artwork that celebrates blessings, gratitude, and the coming together of family.

Above, the family gratitude wall decor is perfect for that, with foreground text that says "Family - Thankful, Grateful, Blessed" and background names of your family members! Hang this in your dining room, living room, or entry, and you'll wow your family and guests.

Find more Thanksgiving Day decor ideas in our fabulous blog post here!



Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are when the happiest childhood memories are made and even grownups feel joyful. Fill your home with wholesome, cozy decor that brings the holiday spirit to anyone of any age. For that, we pick the Christmas snowflakes wall quote above, which proclaims "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" in the classic red-and-green color combo. So warm and jolly!

Read our quick and easy tips on holiday decorating here! And if you're looking for affordable Christmas presents that don't look cheap, see our gift guide here!


And there you have it -- a whole year of gifting and decorating with fabulous wall art prints! Do you have a favorite wall sign that you've given, received, or decorated with? Share with us in the comments.

If you're ready to shop for wall art decor and gifts, browse GearDen.com for highly rated pieces! Happy shopping!

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