Decorate Like The Irish! 11 Home Ideas For St. Patrick's And Beyond

March 17, 2021 5 min read

Irish home decor Celtic inspired

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

If only this lively, culturally rich festival lasted all year! There's something about the Irish brand of gaiety that's just so genuine, warm, and homey. Every year, we get a chance to emulate this joyfulness on St. Paddy's Day, but why not make it last year-round? Fill your home with high spirits like the Celts do. Here are some delightful Celtic-inspired home decor items to cheer up your space.


1. An Irish blessing

One of the things that Ireland is known for are their beautiful blessings. Many of them are non-sectarian, meaning they are freely given and received without a particular religious attachment. Yet these passages contain such meaning and graciousness that even hearing or reading them can make you feel wonderful. Hang an Irish blessing wall sign in your home to feel blessed every day.

Wall art pictured above: "May The Road Rise Up To Meet You" Irish Blessing Premium Canvas


2. Magical landscapes

Ireland is one corner of the world where magic seems to reside. The country is brimming with verdant rolling hills, scenic cliffs, breathtaking mountain landscapes, and historic castles and cathedrals straight out of fairytales!

If you'd like to have a bit of this enchanting beauty in your own home, try a landscape tapestry or art print. We like the idea of hanging a relaxing scene in a typically high-stress area of your house, like your kitchen or office. Whenever you need an instant break, all you need to do is look up at the picture.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Names "Irish Cliffs" Premium Canvas


3. Rustic charm

A huge part of Ireland's beauty is thanks to its undisturbed rural terrains -- a haven of moss-blanketed forests, freshwater loughs, and cattle farms dotted with sheep. Naturally, these idyllic areas give rise to equally charming lifestyles in quaint country cabins and farmhouses.

These days, the sweet pastoral lifestyle is well-loved and even have a new name: "cottagecore." We've got a handy little explainer on how to bring the cottagecore aesthetic into your home -- read here. For starters, how about a lovely wood-like artwork to add a cozy vibe to the room?

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "So Good To Be Home" Premium Rustic Canvas


4. Sweet tartan

The tartan fabric is usually associated with the Scots, but some Irish clans use it, too. Elsewhere in the world, tartan patterns are almost synonymous to plaid (which is partly correct), and this super-cozy woven textile is a mainstay during the autumn and winter months.

However, we dare say that you can decorate with tartan at any time of the year, given the right colors! Just take a look at the classy ottoman above, which was actually a DIY salvage project we found on Design Sponge. Looks splendid!


5. Kiss me, I'm Irish

We've heard of the legend: kissing the Blarney Castle stone in good old Éire will bring you good luck, but if you can't make the pilgrimage, kissing an Irish person is the closest thing.

Whether or not you believe in good-luck kisses, you'll find that the sentence "Kiss me, I'm Irish" can be sprinkled as a cheeky little catchphrase in various situations. That's why we're charmed by the mini-wreath above, crafted by Chiara of Oh Happy Day, which can pop up just about anywhere: as doorhangers, as tiny gifts, or even as your very own lucky 'mistletoe.'


6. Family togetherness

The nation's flag is a common feature in many American homes, but here at Gear Den, we think it's also a good idea to celebrate the mixed heritage of a household. Combining the USA and Ireland flags in one wall art makes for a highly interesting conversational piece, one that still respects both lineages. If your family is of Irish-American heritage, this piece fits right in your entry, bedroom, or den.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Irish American Flag & Family Name Premium Canvas


7. Gorgeous greens

When it comes to Irish-inspired decor, the color green immediately comes to mind. If you want to incorporate a Celtic flavor into your interiors without being too on-the-nose, how about filling your space with lots of rich greens? Lucky for you (😉), emerald and moss shades are big right now in interior design, so go ahead and take your cue from the Emerald Isle.


8. Celtic knot

The Celtic history is filled with symbols, many of which are embodied by various types of knots. A famous one is the Trinity knot, also known as the triquetra. This three-pointed emblem is said to represent the Holy Trinity, but it is also used abundantly in non-religious architecture and design.

Whether you like this symbol for its meaning or its aesthetic, it can easily become part of your interior decor. See for example our Celtic knot pillow (above) paired with our Celtic knot blanket (below)

Pillow pictured above: Celtic Knots Design Irish Pillow


Blanket pictured above: Celtic Knots Design Irish Premium Fleece Blanket


9. Celtic infinity knot

Another emblem associated with the Celts is called the infinity knot. Seemingly a never-ending series of loops, the Celtic infinity knot is a known symbol of eternity, loyalty, and unwavering promise. Many couples incorporate this symbol in their wedding, engagement, or anniversary, which is why it is sometimes called the love knot.

Apart from it being a meaningful motif, the infinity knot is also a cute accent that's easy to DIY as rugs and pillows. One quick Google search of "DIY infinity knot pillow" (like above) can give you plenty of step-by-step tutorials.

Wall art pictured above: "Together They Built A Life They Loved" Premium Canvas


10. Irish mugs

What's an Irish place without beer? Whether or not it's Saint Paddy's Day, one can find many reasons to raise a pint of Guinness or Bailey's and celebrate life's joys. Add your own playful twist to that celebration by personalizing your beer mugs! The ones above, featuring an Irish drinking pun, were crafted by creative mom Cheryl of That's What Che Said.


11. Shamrock art

Of course, we can't end this list without the most famous symbol of Ireland: the shamrock (a.k.a. the four-leaf clover)! There are endless ways to inject this motif into your home, from garland and wreaths, to placemats and rugs.

But perhaps our favorite way to decorate with shamrocks all year round is with wall art, especially one personalized with the family name. We love the rustic family sign above, complete with a whitewashed-wood look, and also the elegant "Home" sign below, with a design that mixes traditional and modern. Either of these would look wonderful in your entry, living room, or dining room!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Irish Family Name" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Irish Home" Premium Canvas


Which of these Irish decor ideas is your favorite? Tell us in a comment!

If you liked the Irish wall art and home items featured here, you'll find more at GearDen's Irish collection -- click here to browse!


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