'Cottagecore' and 'Cabincore': Decor Trends You've Always Loved

November 29, 2020 5 min read

cottagecore and cabincore explained

The terms "cottagecore" and "cabincore" are new to the English lexicon, but while they sound like an odd new sub-genre of rock music, they actually refer to something that homebodies have always loved. They're an aesthetic, a decor style, or even a lifestyle that you probably already practice in your own home. And during this time of quarantines or sheltering in place, this style can be perfect for maintaining a calm and soulful dwelling.

So what exactly do these new terms mean? Let's explore the definitions of cottagecore and cabincore, plus tips and ideas on how you can apply them in your own home.


What Is Cottagecore Or Cabincore?

These closely-related terms refer to interior decor, fashion, and lifestyle that are inspired by cottage or cabin living. Think farms and gardens, homemade breads, wildflowers on the table, intimate fireplaces, and lots of natural textiles.

Of course, we've always had a sense of what cottage life or cabin life is like, and we never thought of naming it 'officially'. But this style recently got these new names thanks to young people embracing it as an internet aesthetic. On various social networks, they began sharing photos and other visuals showing their newfound appreciation for rustic, down-to-earth living, featuring selfies in bucolic natural environments that are supposedly off-the-grid.

Some say it's a response to the hectic hustle of modern life. Others say it's just another nostalgic marketing ploy. But whichever you believe, it's undeniable that cottagecore and cabincore aesthetics lend a sense of peace and beauty to anyone's home. So let's take a look at some cottagecore and cabincore elements you can cop right now!


Cottagecore Decor Elements

These are inspired by pastoral living, reminiscent of country cottages and quaint farmhouses.


1. Light, dainty fabrics

Make your house oh-so-homey with some gingham dining textiles, airy cotton curtains, and fresh linens all around. You can even go full nostalgic by adding some chintz upholstery in the living room or bedroom! Dainty floral patterns are so in with cottagecore -- which is why this style is sometimes lovingly called 'grandmacore'.


2. Springtime colors

A big part of what makes cottage style so soothing is the color palette. It's all about soft, pretty colors: pastels like powder blue, butter yellow, and baby pink, as well as lilac, mint, and warm gray. Any of these hues against a backdrop of white can make any room feel as nice as a nap on a spring afternoon.

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Name Pillow With Floral Print


3. Sweet florals

Picture a charming English cottage, complete with pansies in window boxes, roses in the garden, and a variety of wildflowers on the grassy knoll. Ahh, paradise!

Thankfully, you don't have to live in the English countryside to get this feel. Bring in lots of flowers and floral motifs into your home, whether they're freshly cut peonies, daisies in a basket, or just printed patterns of sunflowers and baby's breath.

Here's an inexpensive example of floral decor without buying pricey bouquets:

Wall art pictured above: "Mama - We Love You" Personalized Premium Canvas


4. Shabby-chic wood

There's a certain calming effect of the shabby-chic look: sun-bleached wood, weathered paints, faded colors. Perhaps it reminds us of the carefree days of childhood in our grandparents' farmhouses, barns, or kitchens. It's a good thing that this sweetly modest approach to decorating is back to calm our grownup spirits.

Wall art pictured above: "Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations" Premium Canvas


5. Handmade home items

Oh, the many beautiful things that are made by hand! From ceramic pottery to wicker baskets to handsewn quilts, these lovely objects complete an idyllic home. We love the idea of using our downtime to create some charming home items ourselves, but if you're not feeling handicraft-y, you can buy from your local artisans instead. Scouting for them is even easier with the internet and social media!


Get more cottagecore tips from our farmhouse style blog post here!


Cabincore Decor Elements

These are inspired by the folksy way of living in cozy winter lodges or woodland cabins.


1. Handcrafted or vintage furniture

The loveliest cabins are filled with items that have a rich history to them. Whether it's an heirloom desk, an antique lamp, or a sofa refurbished by your family, these furnishings give any house a sense of depth and meaning. As a bonus, they're also great conversation pieces!


2. Forest-inspired accents

Log cabins get their coziness from their rich wood paneling, brick fireplaces, and wildlife-inspired decor. But it's not just animal horns and taxidermy that create this ambiance. You can bring some woodland whimsy into an urban home through lush artwork, exuberant indoor plants, and even some good old shiplap.

Our favorite trick? Hang some beautifully realistic canvas prints featuring wood-like designs. With premium printing, these artworks can give the same feel of real wood accents. Just take a look at our photo above -- that's not real wood, that's a premium canvas print!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Rustic "Family Name" Premium Canvas


3. Warm, chunky textiles

What's a winter cabin without warm plaids and woolen knits? These have always been household mainstays for chilly days, but with cabincore being a major trend now, we all have a chance to update our snuggly textiles and make them look stylish.

Afraid of going overboard with plaid? Try focusing on just one lounging nook in your home. Put up a comfy couch or chair in there, add a corner table for books and a hot drink, then top off with a pretty throw blanket.


4. Woodsy colors

Deep reds, sunset oranges, and golden yellows dominate the autumnal color palette of nature. But another underrated color that's bloomed in recent years is moss green, a gorgeous muted shade that reminds us of walks under the trees and the cool feel of the forest floor. Pick one or two of these natural hues for your walls, upholstery, and ornaments.

Blanket pictured above: Celtic Knots Design Premium Irish Fleece Blanket


5. Fall foliage

There's something enchanting about dried flowers, delicate twigs, and herbs hanging at the kitchen window. They're not the typical flower arrangements, but they are more natural and tranquil, making a home feel like a magical hideaway. Complement the rawness of these botanicals by placing them in old repurposed containers such as mason jars, small tin buckets, and milk jugs. Sweetly rustic!


Get more cabincore tips from our autumn decorating blog post here!


We hope this brief explainer and accompanying tips helped you realize your cottagecore or cabincore dreams! Or maybe you already have this style down pat. We'd love to hear about it -- comment your own decor tips below.

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