10 Super-Stylish Renter-Friendly Decor Ideas

April 02, 2024 4 min read

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No remodeling, no repainting, and even no nailing to the wall! Rental rules can be quite restrictive for many of us, especially in the interior decor arena. How do we turn a house into a home when we can't personalize the builder-grade architecture? Worry not -- there's still hope for renting home decor enthusiasts! Here, we share our favorite moveable decor tips and temporary decor tricks to transform a basic rented space into a beautiful, stylish, and cozy home. Try some of these today!


1. Layer textiles.

Even if all you have in the room is a basic couch, you can add panache with smartly layered fabrics. Try a combination of throw pillows in various colors, patterns, or textures, then top off with an effortlessly draped blanket. If feasible, hang curtains in coordinated colors as well.

Wall art pictured above: "Purple Hummingbird" Premium Canvas 


2. Hang eye-catching artwork.

Not allowed to repaint your walls? No problem! A great piece of art is all you need to draw the attention of your guests and make the room come alive. But what if your landlord doesn't even allow nailing anything to the wall? We got you! Read our blog post on ways to display wall art without hanging.

Wall art pictured above: "YOLO" Gold Typography Premium Canvas

Bonus tip: Want wall decor that makes a unique impact? A custom metal sign is your best bet! Here at GearDen, you'll find customized metal art pieces that are so lightweight, you can hang and re-hang them anywhere. The best part, of course, is that they're personalized with your names and color of choice.

Metal art pictured above: Personalized "Family Tree" Custom Metal Sign


3. Feature statement furniture.

Populate a basic rental with at least one piece of furniture that has character. Whether it's a beautiful vintage sideboard or a sumptuous velvet sofa, make sure it's highly visible in the room, with minimal ornamentation around it. Even better, position it against a plain wall for maximum impact.


4. Display objects with a story.

The most interesting decor pieces are those that aren't just bought from a store, but acquired with a unique story. It could be, for example, a desk that's been handed down for generations in your family, or a custom figurine gifted to you by a friend. Even books, souvenirs, and personalized prints can fill a simple space with charm -- and they're conversation-starters, too!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name Color Choice Premium Canvas


5. Invest in an area rug.

When decorating options are limited, a fantastic rug can save the day. You can change the mood of the room depending on the rug design -- traditional, ethnic, floral, modern-geometric, you name it. What makes rugs even better for renters is that these floor additions make cold, hard flooring much warmer and less noisy.

Wall art pictured above: "This Is Us - Our Life, Our Story, Our Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas


6. Add faux texture.

There are countless temporary wall coverings in the market that mimic the look of real materials. Peel-and-stick marble, faux brick, stick-on molding, self-adhesive wainscoting... the list goes on! Use with moderation, though. The trick to pulling this off without looking gaudy is to just accent a certain corner of your space instead of covering the whole room with fake finishes.

Wall art pictured above: "Approaching Magnificence" Premium Canvas

Bonus tip: Speaking of textures, an ornate headboard is like the crowning glory in the bedroom! It makes sense to invest in one because it is the immediate focal point of the space. See if you can replace your basic headboard with a dreamy one from a shop or a local artisan.

Wall art pictured above: "My Favorite Place Is Next To You" Premium Canvas


7. Glam up your lighting.

Lighting is so underrated in terms of how it elevates a room. A light fixture can have two aesthetic roles: to provide ambiance through the right kind of illumination and to serve as a decor piece in itself. So, when shopping for lights to redecorate your rental, choose pieces that give off the perfect color temperature while also being beautiful to look at by itself.

Bonus tip: Wondering what "color temperature" is? It has to do with how 'warm' your lighting is -- and it can change your ambience a lot. We found a basic color temperature guide here. Also, don't hesitate to ask the attendants at the hardware store and tell them what atmosphere you want.


8. Add pops of pattern.

Prints and patterns look best when they're moderately sprinkled throughout the space. Take a look around the room and see opportunities to decorate with prints. Perhaps using printed curtains, throw pillows, or chair cushions. Our favorite is using wallpaper swatches to decorate the insides of open shelves. It's unexpected, and when you keep everything else clean and basic, the pattern really pops!

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Name Pillow With Floral Print

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Initial And Name Premium Canvas


9. Bring in plants.

Nothing livens up a room like plants can! Visually, they provide the perfect texture and flow, plus their green, earthy colors are soothing. Also, you don't need permission from your landlord to keep them! If you can, bring in big, lush greenery like fiddle-leaf figs or monsteras, but if you want something low-maintenance, snake plants, ZZ plants, and pothos are gorgeous, too!

Metal art pictured above: Personalized "Tree Of Life" Custom Metal Sign


10. Leave lots of space.

We've shared some great rental decorating tips above, but we'd like to highlight one major decor guideline: Leave lots of 'breathing space' for the eyes. You can fill the room with textures and prints, but make sure there's some blank space between and around them. This way, the overall look of your home isn't cramped and overwhelming, but spacious and airy -- something any renter would love!

Wall art pictured above: "Home Sweet Apartment" Premium Canvas


Did you like these rental decor hacks? We have more tips and tricks for apartment-dwellers -- read our blog post here!

We also have more of the wall art and pillows featured here. Browse GearDen.com now!

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