Gorgeous Interior Decor Inspiration from 8 Recent Films

March 26, 2024 5 min read

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Film sets are a fantastic source of interior design inspiration. Whether the movie is set in a suburban home, a modern condo, or a grandiose mansion, each set is deliberately decorated to achieve a specific atmosphere and match the characters living in it. So when you see an on-screen house that appeals to you, it's prime opportunity to take notes!

Here, we take a look at standout film sets from the last decade and highlight decor tips we can use in our own homes. Don't worry, you don't need a movie budget to try these -- we've picked just affordable, doable design ideas!


1. The Intern (2015)

The first thing to know about this movie is that it's directed by the one and only Nancy Meyers, who is known for her feel-good female-led movies with lovely home designs. In The Intern, the sets are fabulous as always, but one of our favorites is this dreamy kitchen that's part industrial, part farmhouse. So stylish yet casual at once! Scroll on for our tips.

Image above via Style at Home

Decor tip: Open shelving in a busy kitchen? Yes, please! If you're worried about visible mess, we have three words for you: curate, conceal, and clean. First, carefully select the items you display in the open and arrange them so they don't look cramped. Next, hide the less-appealing things in concealed storage. And finally, keep everything clean and tidy. Here's another example to inspire you:

Wall art pictured above: "Y'all Come Eat" Premium Canvas and Personalized "Kitchen - Seasoned With Love" Premium Canvas


2. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Widely acclaimed and somewhat controversial, this is a film with a delicate story in a tremendous setting. It's set in a sumptuous Italian villa, with gorgeous vaulted ceilings, enormous antique furniture, and plenty of natural light. Architectural details aside, it's the rich decoration that completes the Old World look of this property.

Image above via The Spaces

Decor tip: Dark wood plus red fabrics equal classic reading room charm. But even if you can't fill your space with hardwood bookcases, you can emulate the atmosphere through moody wall colors and realistic wood-like wall decor. We have tons of these affordable wood-design prints on Gear Den!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Texas Family Name Premium Canvas


3. Knives Out (2019)

In this hit murder-mystery, the setting is as lavish, dramatic, and quirky as its plot. The main locale is the Thrombey estate, overflowing with books, antiques, relics, and oddities from all over. The office above is a great sample. From the floor-to-ceiling bookcase in the background, to the bronze statuette in the foreground, this is the office of a worldly eccentric.

Image above via SDSA

Decor tip: The mismatched chairs in this set are wonderfully quirky yet cohesive at the same time! How do you combine dissimilar furnishings? One trick is to have them share a color in different ways. In the photo above, one chair is tan-colored, and while the second one is a different design altogether, it incorporates the same tan shade into its pattern.

Below is another example. This time, the mismatched seats coordinate their hues with the rug and carpet. Top them off with similar throws and you're all set!

Pillows pictured above: Celtic Knots Design Irish Pillow


4. Little Women (2019)

In this recent adaptation, the March house is the epitome of cottagecore. You have a small, cozy 19th century home, decorated with pastel colors, handmade furniture, and flowers that the March family picked themselves. The dining room set (above) captures all of that well.

Image above via SDSA

Decor tip: Baby blues make a room so sweet and soothing! If you're repainting your living room, family room, or dining room, consider soft blue shades. And as a bonus, these hues are on trend this year. Several paint companies have picked soft blues as Colors of the Year 2024! Here's one more example:

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Food, Family, Love" Premium Canvas 


5. Parasite (2019)

This widely acclaimed South Korean satire stood out for many reasons, and one of those is its pitch-perfect set design. For instance, the kitchen-dining set above reflects the characters living in it: affluent, modern, and tasteful, but cold, cheerless, and impersonal. Despite this, fans of interior design will find much to love in this fictional house.

Image above via RTF

Decor tip: Feature wall alert! A wall of shelving can work double-duty as storage and an aesthetic accent wall. You just need to style it, light it, and keep it tidy. And if your space doesn't come with built-in shelves, a large bookcase or open cabinet can do the trick! Check out this example:

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Initial And Name Premium Canvas


6. House of Gucci (2021)

This movie about the famed Italian fashion empire spared no expense in the luxury department. For instance, the winter garden-slash-sunroom above is part of a real-life Milanese estate called Villa Necchi Campiglio. We're in awe of how it harmonizes nature and sophistication!

Image above via Frederic Magazine

Decor tip: While we can't all be blessed with wraparound glass walls and marble furnishings, we can take a cue from the scale of pieces and decorating restraint in this room. The decorator opted for just a few large decor pieces instead of numerous small ones, preserving the room's spacious elegance without leaving it barren. If you love this style, just one big, impactful artwork can be your best friend.

Metal art pictured above: Personalized "Tree Of Life" Custom Metal Sign


7. Don't Worry Darling (2022)

Though this thriller unfolds in an alternate futuristic world, its whole vibe is 1950s Palm Springs suburban chic. And that fits the subject so well, as it harks back to decades past when women were expected to be perfectly coiffed housewives. The story here is definitely unsettling, but wow, those mid-century interiors are fabulous!

Image above via Frederic Magazine

Decor tip: Mid-century modern decor is notorious for being blocky or geometric. Note the rectangle couches, square throws, and triangle coffee table in this movie set. If you find your decor too angular or solid, balance it with a generous serving of textiles. Some lightweight drapes, for instance, can soften the look. And P.S.: a vase of flowers or a potted plant makes a huge difference!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name "Party Of..." Premium Canvas


8. Priscilla (2023)

For this biopic about Priscilla Presley's romance with Elvis, the production design team had to recreate Graceland, the infamous home of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. The set is as plush and extravagant as the real thing, filled with ornate furnishings, gilded objects, and wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the house.

Image above via Film and Furniture

Decor tip: Everywhere else in Graceland, you'll find lavish ornamentation in a mish-mash of styles and colors. But in the photo above, we see that you don't need flashy things to make a space look elegant. Here, it's all about texture: the beautiful arch molding, the matte gold of the lampshade, the softness of the carpet. If you love quiet luxury style, take a cue and see what subtle textures you can add to your space.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "We Aren't Step, Half -- We Are Family" Premium Canvas and Personalized "It's So Good To Be Home" Premium Canvas


So did you like any of these film sets and interior tips? What movie decor has inspired you? Tell us in a comment!

For more of the wall art, pillows, and metal signs featured here, browse GearDen.com. We have tons of customizable decor items, highly rated by decor enthusiasts like you!


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