Great Impression: 20+ Fantastic Styles for Entryway Decor

June 18, 2022 6 min read

hallway or entryway styles to copy

Whether you have an entryway, hall, foyer, or mudroom, it's important to style the entrance of your house as it makes an indelible first impression on guests. In addition, this area is the first thing you see when you come home at the end of the day, so you want it to look inviting. Nothing beats coming home to a beautiful space after a long day!

So to jumpstart your hallway decorating, here are fabulous entryway decor tips and styles. Pick your favorite and copy the look!


1. Console + mirror combo

Let's start with the classic combination of a console table and a wall-mounted mirror over it. Not only is this a stylish pair, it's also really useful: the table serves as a landing spot for your keys and knickknacks, while the mirror further illuminates the space and allows you to do some last-minute adjustments before you walk out the door.


2. Art + plant combo

Another foolproof decor combination is arranging together a wall art with a plant. You can use a small potted plant and set it on a table together with a small art print, like our example above. Or, if you have a tall plant, set it on the floor as a visual 'anchor' to a wall-mounted artwork, like below.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Love Grows Best" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: "YOLO" Gold Typography Premium Canvas


3. Photo ledge

Want to put a fantastic twist into your hallway gallery? Make a photo ledge! It's a shelf-like surface attached to your wall where you can lean artworks and framed pictures instead of hanging them. You can display multiple pieces, overlap them, and add other decor like vases and figurines. The result is an attractive, dimensional display, like the example above from crafting couple Chelsea and Logan.

See more tips here on displaying artworks without nailing or drilling!


4. Large-scale art

Entryways and hallways are often the site of gallery walls, but if you want your house to stand out, set aside the photos and display one big artwork instead. It refines the whole look of your wall while instantly drawing the eye towards it. Now that's how you grab your guests' attention.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family Name" Color-Choice Premium Canvas

We have other amazing examples of displaying large artworks -- click here!


5. Eye-catching runner

Narrow hallway? Open floor space? No problem! While you can't do much there in terms of furniture or wall hangings, you can add visual appeal with a rug or floor runner. It can really change the atmosphere of the room! Notice how the yellow striped runner above brightens the space even more.


6. Rustic farmhouse

For a timeless, homey look, fill your entry with rustic farmhouse elements like shiplap, industrial lamps, and aged-wood furnishings. If you want to add more wooden elements but have a limited decor budget, get a realistic wood print instead. Our wall quote above looks like it has a nice wood frame but it's all a canvas print!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Having Somewhere To Go Is Home" Premium Canvas V2


7. Statement lighting

An classy way to jazz up even a tiny entryway is to add a statement light like a chandelier, pendant lamp, or decorative floor lamp. It serves two purposes: adding illumination to the room while elevating its style. Best of all, it can be a standout piece on its own -- you don't need much ornamentation when your lamp is getting all the wows from guests.


8. Vertical art

Got a slim wall in your hallway? A skinny, vertical wall decor might be all you need. This is particularly perfect for those curving staircases that have an irregularly-shaped tall wall, like our photo above. Those spaces are tricky to decorate, but a vertical artwork fills it well.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name "Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas

Bonus tip: Read our blog post on great ways to use tricky nooks in your home!


9. Well-styled bench

Let's be practical: your entryway is a place to take off your shoes at the end of the day, so a chair or bench is utterly useful here. But that doesn't mean this functional furniture can't be stylish as well! Prettify your hallway bench with some throw pillows, plus a complementing wall art above it. Finish off with a lush potted plant to the side, and you've got a cozy spot to sit!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Rustic Style Family Name Premium Panoramic Canvas


10. Bold and beautiful wallpaper

Some beautifully patterned wallpaper or contact paper can transform a plain wall into an impactful accent wall. When decorating with a dramatic print, keep the rest of the room minimal to keep it from looking busy and all over the place.

Take a cue from the example above: the patterned wall is paired with a muted runner and gray upholstery. The rest of the walls are a clean white, so your attention really gravitates towards the accent wall.


11. Family monogram

For a more sophisticated yet welcoming feel in your entry, your very own family monogram will feature nicely. It's best to have your monogram made by professional artists because after all, this will symbolize your family to everyone who visits your home. You can find customizable family initial artworks on Gear Den, like the one above.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Initial And Name Premium Canvas


12. Mini parlor

If your entry or foyer has ample floor space, you can turn it into its own social space akin to a lounge or parlor. With a couple of comfy chairs and a little coffee table, it becomes an ante-room where you can properly receive guests, share a warm drink, or just read a book by yourself.


13. Art centered by wall accents

Does your hallway decor feel flat? Try flanking it with a pair of dimensional decor like wall sconces or hanging plants. Make sure your wall accents are smaller than the artwork -- you want the picture to shine in the center instead of getting overpowered by the side accents.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Family... Crazy, Loud, Love" Heart Design Premium Canvas


14. Pet humor

Here's something special for pet owners. If your visitors often remark about the multitude of dogs (or cats) in your house, beat 'em to the punch: post a gentle warning right at your doorway via a funny pet-themed doormat, like the one above. That should clear things up for anyone who dares enter!

Doormat pictured above: "All These Dogs" Doormat


15. Plant-filled

A room graced with plants is always a sight for sore eyes. Make this beautiful first impression by dotting your entry space with a variety of indoor plants: small ones, tall ones, big leaves, slender stalks. Complete the look with wall decor that complement the plants' containers.


16. Family chronology

Feature something in your hallway that will spark interesting conversations. Above, our customizable wall art is filled with eye-catching numbers which are actually special dates you choose yourself. It can include your wedding day, kids' birthdays, milestones, and the like. This piece will get guests asking about your family's story!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "The Best Days Of Our Lives" Premium Canvas

Bonus tip: See more examples of showcasing special dates on your wall -- read our blog here!


17. Multi-piece artwork

Wall decor becomes even more memorable when it's in an unusual format -- like a multi-piece set, for example! Our beautiful couple monograms above come as a set of three, with each character uniquely designed but still cohesive as a group. You can hang these as part of a picture gallery or just on their own as a minimal yet elegant display.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Couple's Initials Premium Canvas Set


18. Center table


For a more sophisticated look in your hall or foyer, adorn it with a pedestal table right in the middle, topped with a floral display. You don't even need to have large square footage to pull this off. The example above, decorated by B. Fein Interiors, shows how proportional pieces can elevate a medium-sized entry.


19. (Faux) hardwood art

Hardwood furnishings are another noticeable feature in upscale hallways, and this material lends a rich, timeless atmosphere to the room. If you'd like to get this ambiance without breaking the bank, how about decorating with faux wood accents? Our wood-design canvas prints look almost like the real thing and get lots of compliments, but most of all, they're affordable!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Rustic "Family Name" Premium Canvas


20. Sleek-geometric

Another surefire way to make an impact in your hall is to feature just a few pieces with clean geometric outlines. Though this approach is very minimalist, the distinct shapes against a clean backdrop create a tasteful vignette to capture the eye of your guests.


Which of these entryway decorating ideas caught your attention? And which ones are you applying in your own home? Share with us in a comment!

For more of the wall art pieces seen here, browse the highly rated collections on!

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