Bring Your Travels Home with These Vacation-Inspired Decor Ideas

February 09, 2019 3 min read

vacation travel inspired home decor ideas

Wanderlust -- (noun) a strong passion for traveling.

Have you ever come home from a vacation feeling so inspired to design your house based on your travels? Or perhaps you've been looking at travel destinations and realized you want to copy their style for your own home. We definitely know the feeling!

The good news is that with a few decor choices, you can capture some of that vacation atmosphere, whether it's from a breezy beach, a glittering urban jungle, or the lush tropics. Try these doable interior design tips!


1. Sun, sand, and sea

Ah, to live in a sunny beach house with a cocktail in hand! While we fantasize about living in Maldives or seeing the blue Caribbean sea from our balcony, we can always redecorate our homes with bright and breezy curtains, baby-blue decor pieces, and tons of organic materials like reclaimed wood and woven fabrics.

We love displaying some pastel-colored wall art (like the one above), reminiscent of seashell colors and summer ice cream shop signs.


2. Old-world charm

From the ornate doors of Morocco to the baroque centers of Austria, the Old World and classical era are an endless source of design inspiration. Think cobblestone streets, marble statues, intricate mosaics, and touches of gold.

Thankfully, you don't have to be a royal to capture this grand beauty for your own home. Display just one striking element or two that emulates this style -- perhaps a bejeweled lighting fixture, a beautiful china vase, or a handmade piece of tapestry. You can even DIY some gorgeous decor, like these bejeweled lamps (above) by designer Mark Montano. At first glance, they look like a million bucks!


3. Tropical gardens

Lush foliage and tropical palm leaves (a la Bali spa retreat) are a major trend in home decorating. And we absolutely love this style, because it's an excuse to add more indoor plants into our space!

If you haven't developed a green thumb for real plants, you're in luck: leafy botanicals are everywhere these days, from curtains to pillows to wallpapers! Enjoy your relaxing oasis!


4. Rustic cabin

There's nothing quite like the sound of a crackling fireplace, the warmth of hot cocoa, and some enjoyable company (or a good book!) in a cozy log cabin. This level of comfort is not just for weekend hideaways anymore. Bring some of that warmth into your own house by piling on some choice rugs and comforters. And of course, wooden decor is a must!

For more inexpensive decorating, opt for lovely canvas prints with wood-like design on them, like the personalized wall piece above.


5. Parisian chic

Paris is the epicenter of effortlessly classy style. This city is known not only for its timeless fashion sense (namely, the classic little black dress), but also for its gorgeous old-meets-new apartments. Some key elements in French homes are parquet flooring, delicate woodwork, gilded wall art, and an overall subdued color palette.

Of course, French style is nothing without the wine to go with it. Be a chic entertainer by investing a little bit in your bar cart or gallery. A lovely wood-and-metal wine rack is one easy way to get this done.


6. Nautical and nice

When we say "nautical", some might picture the swashbuckling "Pirates of the Caribbean", but we dream more about sunsets on a yacht and grand cruises in the Mediterranean. Design-wise, coastal living is all about bright whites and navy blues, straw hats and summery stripes. Clean, uncluttered, and relaxing.

Missing the ocean view? Not to worry. A premium seascape print on your wall (like the Santorini-inspired piece above) quickly takes you to that sunny getaway.


7. Urban glam

Are you more of an urban urchin who's energized by glittering city lights and cosmopolitan dining? Big-city aesthetic translates really well in home design. You have a wide array of decorative elements at your disposal: moody gallery lighting, sleek furniture, touches of glass and metallic shine, and modern-industrial accents.

Speaking of accents, this gold "YOLO" typography really stands out! It's glitzy and glam and cheeky all at once. Perfect above the shiny black furniture!


8. Italian vineyard villa

What could be more romantic than a stay at a charming farmhouse amid the Italian countryside? It's a dream of sun-drenched views, cool stone architecture, and quaint interior design, a la Under the Tuscan Sun.

Copping this style for your own home is quite easy, even without those enviable archways. Keep your decorating scheme simple and organic, using hardwood furniture, wrought-iron accents, and a warm neutral palette. And don't forget: let the sunshine in!

(Bonus tip: For more movie-inspired home decorating ideas, see our compilation here.)


Which one of these destination-themed ideas is your favorite? As serious wanderlusters, we can't choose just one!

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