Curb Appeal: Easy, Affordable Ideas for Decorating Your Front Porch

August 29, 2021 4 min read

decorating house exteriors without remodeling

The very first thing about your house that makes an impact is the facade -- what your guests see as they approach your front door. But house exteriors are trickier to decorate, since we can't just change the architecture or the surrounding landscape anytime we want. So how do you make your front porch pretty on a budget, without the need for contractors or complicated remodeling?

Thankfully, inspiration abounds for decorating your patio or front stoop. Here, we pick some of our favorite examples and share doable tips on how you can achieve the look for your own home. Give these a try!


1. Make your front door high-impact.

An eye-catching facade starts with a front door with a unique design or material. We've seen stunning homes with craftsman doors, barn-style doors, engraved doors... the list goes on!

An easier way to create an impression? Paint that door a fabulous color! Even passers-by will admiringly gaze at a contrasting shade that pops against the wall, or an unexpected door color like turquoise or yellow.


2. Arrange a welcome vignette.

More than just a wreath on the front door, a vignette is a well-thought-out grouping of several decor pieces. For example, you can put up a Welcome wall sign and pair it with some seasonal ornaments, like the fall-season arrangement above.

Note: While canvas prints are durable, it's best to keep them protected from the elements to preserve their vibrancy. If you have a lovely canvas art to hang on your porch, keep it under the roof or awning, and don't leave it out past the season.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name "Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas


3. Display your plant collection.

Not all of us are lucky to have a fully-blooming rose garden on our front yard. However, we can get pretty close with a collection of potted plants! Fill that patio with lush greenery and florals, varying in height and color. Add hanging plants if you can! If you want more uniformity, place them in containers of similar colors or themes.


4. Keep it real and rustic.

Rustic farmhouse style will always be a favorite because it's so casual and comfy. With this style, you can use natural materials like wood and clay, then accent them with vintage or homey accents. How about a nice 'weathered' bench on your porch, arranged with a dainty "Home" sign and some rustic lanterns?

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Having Somewhere To Go Is Home" Premium Canvas V2


5. 'Floor' your guests.

Since there's not much wall to decorate on an outdoor space, direct your eyes to the ground instead. From tiles to paint to outdoor rugs, there are numerous ways to make this floor eye-catching. And, if budget is even more limited, you can always go with a punchy door mat, like the cute pet-themed one below:

Doormat pictured above: "All These Dogs" Doormat


6. Spice up your house number sign.

Most homes just settle with simple, unobtrusive house number signs, but how about turning this visible element into an eye-pleaser? Endless house number designs are available at home decor stores, but we ourselves are fans of do-it-yourself crafting. One Google search will give you tons of ideas!

Another option we like? A premium personalized print of your house address, like below. Custom prints are always interesting to guests -- just remember to keep your print under a roof or awning.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Our First Home" Premium Canvas


7. Update your exterior trim.

For homeowners with some time and resources, one way to prettify the porch is installing a nice exterior trim for doors and windows. This makes a huge difference to the overall look of the house, especially if the trim style or color pops against the siding.

However, if you're not replacing your trim just yet, you can simply repaint it! The classy example above takes advantage of the black frame trend, and it's actually a DIY job by the savvy homeowner Ash Petrone!


8. Paint the ceilings, too!

We look to the south for inspiration: one of the reasons their porches look so welcoming is the haint blue color on the ceiling! If you're up for this painting project, you don't have to stick with blue. Match the ceiling color with either your sideboard or trim for a clean, composed look. The lovely mint-green example above is from Artisan Signature Homes.


9. Arrange some cozy seating.

If your porch or deck is comfortably covered, don't pass on the chance to turn it into a lovely lounge space. Arrange a couple of chairs on it, then jazz them up with inexpensive throw pillows. You don't even have to spend on brand-new patio furniture if you're creative with your throws.

An easy trick is to mix and match cushions of the same design theme, like with our nature-themed pillows above and below.

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Name Pillow With Floral Print

Pillow pictured above: Flying Bird Couple Floral Design Pillow


10. Try some decorative siding.

Beyond the typical vinyl, there are so many inexpensive options now to switch up the siding of your house -- from decorative veneers like faux brick and false stone, to cheaper lumber alternatives like shiplap and even pallet wood! Explore the varieties at your hardware stores, and check out some tutorials if you want to install the siding yourself.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Rustic Style Family Name Premium Panoramic Canvas


Do you have more ideas on beautifying your home exteriors? Share with us in a comment!

If you have a balcony or covered deck, we also have more tips here to spruce up that outdoor space.

And for more of the home items featured in this post, browse the customer-favorite!

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