No Entryway? No Problem! Fake Your Entry With These Ideas

March 14, 2023 3 min read

how to create an entryway or foyer without remodeling

Whether you call it an entryway, a hallway, or a foyer, that entrance space inside your front door is an important part of the house. It's where you take off your coats and shoes as you come in, and where you grab your keys as you hurry to go out. You don't want this hustle-and-bustle spilling over into your living room or dining area!

However, not all houses have an entrance hallway in their floor plan. For those of us with open floor plans or smaller homes, it can be a challenge to designate a proper entrance. But it's definitely doable! Try these decor tricks to fake an entryway -- no remodeling needed.


1. Separate with a shelf.

custom entrance wall art with family's names - this is us - shelf separator - indoor potted plant - sitting bench

A shelf or a bookcase can act as a room partition to separate your entryway from the rest of your living space. Plus, it can work double-duty as storage for your shoes and other outdoor gear. A mid-level shelf or sideboard, such as the one above, is also great for holding your keys, change, and knickknacks. Just place a nice tray on it to corral everything neatly.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" With Names On Background Premium Canvas


2. Face your sofa away.

potted plants - decorative vases - large leather couch - colorful pillows - large mirror

If your front door opens straight into your living room, you'll want to create a sense of separation between the entrance and the living area. Luckily, all you need is your existing furniture! Redo the layout of your couches so that the biggest one faces away from the door. The back of your couch acts as a little divider, creating a small hallway-like space behind it.

Note the beautiful example above from stylista Sarah Yates. She completed the faux foyer look by adding a shelf and a mirror next to the door -- true entryway essentials.


3. Add a bench.

living room - wooden bench - leather shoes - leather bags

To make your entrance space feel more like a hallway, add a nifty little bench in it. This seat is useful for when you're putting on or taking off your footwear, but it can be an aesthetic element, too. We love the styling above from the Havenly blog. They picked the perfect bench size and color, and complemented it with a few decorations on one end. And yes, you can still sit on it!


4. Designate with a rug.

japanese inspired sitting room - decorative vases - potted plants - personalized family tree wall art with family's names

An area rug or a runner is an underrated visual element that can distinguish different zones in your home. Lay down a rug specific to your entry space and see the difference! Jute, sisal, and bamboo are great materials for a hallway runner because they're durable against dirt, moisture, and foot traffic.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Names On Tree Premium Canvas V2


5. Use an actual divider.

wooden ceiling fan - decorative divider - custom family name wall art with year - wooden shelf

If your open-floor home needs a definite partition but you don't want to impede the light and airflow, a room divider might be perfect for you. One online search will give you tons of divider options, from semi-opaque panels to decorative screens like the one we use above. Position it by your doorway and you've got an instant foyer!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Initial And Name Premium Canvas


6. Demarcate the wall with art.

entryway wall art - it's soo good to be home - foyer - white door

Sometimes, a simple sign on the wall is enough to designate an entry space. How about hanging a nice "Welcome Home" wall art? Place it right next to your coat hanger or shoe rack, add a practical rug, and you're all set!

Wall art pictured above: "It's So Good To Be Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas

P.S. Check out many more home-themed wall signs in Gear Den's premium collection -- click here!


7. Steer foot traffic with clever stops.

rustic living room - quilted rug - colorful pillows - unique art

Creating an entryway out of nowhere is all about slowing the entrance of people so they don't bring the outdoors straight into your interiors. While walls and partitions are great for this, you can make a similar effect with other forms of blockages.

In the tiny house above, the arrangement of seats ingeniously narrow the passage of anyone entering, and entices them to sit and take their shoes off! Try this trick with furniture you already have, like chairs, console tables, even indoor plants.


Do you think these entryway tips will work in your home? What other floor layout tips would you share? Write a comment below!

We have more decorating ideas for a fantastic hallway -- read our blog post here!

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