Thanksgiving Decor: Beautiful Wall Art for a Grateful Home

November 19, 2021 3 min read

wall decor ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to count the numerous blessings we've received despite the challenges that came our way. No doubt that you and your household have so much to be grateful for, including family, friends, the home you live in, the activities you get to enjoy, your health, and many, many more. In these times when crises are all around us, it's all the more important to celebrate these blessings.

So if you're looking for lovely decorating ideas for Thanksgiving 2021, we highly recommend displaying artworks that reflect your gratefulness. The following wall art pieces are beautiful conversation-starters during Thanksgiving dinner, and can also be gratitude reminders all throughout the year.


1. Thankful for a full house

A full house equals a full heart. You know this feeling if your children are home for Thanksgiving dinner, or if your extended family is joining the celebration. Your house is filled with spirited conversation, laughter, maybe a few squabbles, but an overall contented feeling of being home.

To celebrate that wonderful feeling, get your personalized family gratitude wall art (above), which we can print with the names of your family members. This would be perfect in your dining room as you all share a lovely meal.


2. Elegance in gratitude

If you want a gratitude artwork with a more minimal design, the personalized grateful wall print above is for you. If features your family name and "established" date in graceful calligraphy, over a neutral yet rustic background. This can make an eye-pleasing welcome in your entry or hallway.


3. Answered prayers

"I still remember when I prayed for the things I have now." The message of this wall quote really gives you a gratitude mindset, as it reminds you that you now have wonderful things that you've always wanted. Even at times when you feel empty or dejected, all you need to do is look at the blessings around you, the years you've conquered, and the distance you've covered.

This wall art is perfect not only as Thanksgiving decor but also as a gift, perhaps a graduation present, a retirement token, or just a cheer-up reminder to a friend.


4. Grateful for your bundle of joy

Speaking of answered prayers, if you recently welcomed the littlest member of your family, this one's for you. The nursery wall art above is a sweet celebration of your baby's arrival. It features a Bible verse about the Lord granting you your precious blessing, and is designed with graceful lettering and soft colors. It would go so well in your child's room, over their crib or bassinet.


5. What we have is enough

For a more modern and stylish take on Thanksgiving decor, try a fresh graphic design canvas print like the one above. It bears a timeless message of gratefulness, but with a cheery pattern and lettering style. This would be a pretty addition to your home if your style is light and bright, or Scandinavian-inspired.


6. Grateful, thankful, blessed

If your interior style is more cozy, homey, and rustic, the classic "Grateful, Thankful, Blessed" wall sign above is for you. This particular piece stands out from others out there because of its wood-like background. It's a canvas print, but it looks just like real wood! Display this on your mantel or next to your family photo gallery for a charming decor moment.


7. Something to be thankful for

Here's another take on thankfulness, but this one is extra-special: it's a personalized rustic family print where you can have your family name printed in the design! The art also looks like it has an old-wood frame, but it's really part of the canvas print, which means it's beautiful, durable, and more affordable than most framed artworks. You can get lots of admiring comments on this one.


Which one of these wall decor pieces would you hang on your wall? We honestly can't choose just one. Each artwork is appealing and has a grateful message worth displaying.

If you want more style tips for autumn decorating, see our guide on the freshest Fall 2021 home interior trends.

Or, if you're ready to shop for the best Thanksgiving decor, browse for home items that are highly starred by customers like you!

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