Not Your Typical Wall Art: Unique Artworks That Make An Impression

December 29, 2019 4 min read

Not Your Typical Wall Art: Unique Artworks That Make An Impression

Most of the wall art we see in our lifetime are, unfortunately, forgettable. Examples: generic landscapes that blend in with the walls of waiting rooms and lobbies, and abstract prints that no one gives a second glance at. But every once in a while, we find ourselves talking about the fantastic wall decor we saw at a friend's house last week, or the enviable artwork we chanced upon at some random office. If we are to purchase wall art for our home, we might as well make it this memorable!

Here are some unique wall art pieces that will leave a great impression on you and your guests. Click on each image to see more details about the pieces you like!


1. "This Is Us" Personalized Panoramic Wall Art

The first thing that makes this canvas print so eye-catching is its unusual orientation. It's not everyday you see an artwork with such wide dimensions! Moreover, it's a wholly beautiful piece, with a rich, wood-like backdrop and bold yet graceful calligraphy print. The best part is, you can customize it with the names of your own family! Your guests will be looking up in admiration and asking, "Where did you get this?"


2. "Get Naked" Funny Bathroom Sign

This quirky bathroom decor is a two-part trick: the large "Get Naked" text grabs your attention, then once you look closer, the smaller text at the bottom makes you chuckle. Your houseguests may still be smiling about this long after their stay.

Bonus tip: In the mood for more hilarious wall signs and decor? Check out our earlier compilation here.


3. DIY Personal Star Map

You've probably heard about star maps -- those posters that show the actual location of the stars in the sky on a specific date. They are utterly unique and beautiful markers of special days in your life, like your wedding day, birthday, or the day you first met your sweetheart. Plenty of online stores sell customized star maps, but guess what? You can easily make one yourself! Ingenious crafter Carly Keller shows us how in her YouTube tutorial. Now all you have to do is find a spot in your home where you can show off this elegant and meaningful decor.


4. Family Portrait Canvas Print

What could be more uniquely yours than a portrait? With this customized wall canvas, you can hang your very own family photo in portrait style -- without the hefty price tag! The photo is topped with a sweet family quote, taking it one step further than most family portraits. Hang this print in your living room and be prepared to collect compliments from guests!


5. Pet Portrait Canvas Print

This pet portrait artwork is a blockbuster from all angles! True-blue pet parents wouldn't be able to resist having a custom portrait of their fur-babies displayed at home. But even non-pet owners will love the pop art style of these pieces -- they're just so bright and cute! Most of all, they're one-of-a-kind, so you won't find them anywhere else.

So how do you get this digital portrait of your pet? Click on the heading or image above, and you'll find the customized ordering page. Fun tip: order several pieces in various colors to create a pet pop art gallery wall!


6. Merged Country Flags Family Art

Is your family of a mixed lineage? This unique art concept is for you. It merges two country flags and tops it off with your own family name, celebrating your household's wonderful combination of nationalities. Gear Den has personalized designs for Irish-American families (above) and Mexican-American families (below). 


7. Couple Initials Personalized Three-Piece Set

How beautiful is this floral monogram set? The fact that it's displayed in three pieces makes it stand out from other single-piece artworks. And yes, you can make it completely your own by customizing it with your and your loved one's initials! This would make a lovely focal point in your bedroom, or even in the living room, dining room, or entry. The set is gorgeous on its own, whether you hang it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. But you can also play around with it and incorporate the pieces in a gallery wall display.


8. Living Plants Decorative Frame

Now here's a wall decor idea that will surely wow anyone who sees it: a living, breathing wall installation of greenery! Even without a green thumb, this is possible with low-maintenance air plants. They can grow on vertical surfaces and only need misting (not watering) for sustenance, so you can place them on specially made wall frames and hang them on the wall. There are air plant frames you can buy online, but you can also craft it yourself. Here's a special heart-shaped one made by G. Lebron Interiors.


9. "Y'all Come Eat" Dining Room Decor

When it comes to the dining room or the kitchen, people usually expect prim-and-proper artwork like pictures of fruit or family quotes. But not this one! "Y'all come eat" is such an informal yet (literally) inviting statement that your guests will feel right at home. If warm and welcoming is the kind of mood you want for brunch or dinner, then this wall sign is perfect for you!


10. Oversized Vertical Art

Want instant WOW impact? Go big! Large-scale artworks are an immediate attention-grabber and lend a luxurious air to any space. But even though they look expensive, you can actually get them at affordable prices. For one, you can DIY them, like interior decorator Camila shows us (above). Or you can opt for a large vertical canvas print that is budget-friendly, like the personalized Home sign below:


These selected wall art pieces truly captured our interests -- and our decor envy! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in a comment.

If you're craving for more of the canvas wall art featured here, browse our collection at Our pieces are five-starred by home decor enthusiasts like you!


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