10 Personalized Valentine's Gifts with the Sweetest Messages

February 02, 2023 4 min read

Valentine's Day gifts for wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance

Flowers and chocolates may be a staple for Valentine's Day, but let's face it, they're really generic gifts. Wouldn't you want to give your special someone a present that's more thoughtful and one of a kind? Our motto when gifting to a loved one is: Personalized is best! It lets your significant other know that you've thought of them specifically, and actually put more effort than just picking something off the rack.

Here are fantastic Valentine's Day gift ideas that bear a personalized message for your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend. And don't worry, these are affordable for you, too! Click on each photo or link to shop these gifts.


1. "It all began..." customizable print

We're so in love with this wall art piece that lets you briefly describe how your relationship started. For example: "It all began at that little coffee shop" or "It all began with a kiss under the stars" or even "It all began one Valentine's Day." You can add your names and anniversary date, too! This sweet and unique memento comes in various sizes so you can display it anywhere you want -- for your own viewing pleasure, or for guests to gush over!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Where It All Began" Couple's Premium Canvas


2. "Best Day" romantic art

This pretty canvas print is perfect for married or engaged couples. It highlights three special dates in your relationship: the first day, the "yes" day, and the best day (or wedding day). We've gotten amazing feedback from our customers saying their spouse or fiancée loved it! That's the highest approval you can get for a Valentine's Day gift. 😉

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "The First, Yes, Best Day" Premium Canvas


3. Shadowbox of memories

What could be more personal than something you made yourself? If you want to make an easy but lovely gift for your beloved, try a memory scrapbook or a shadowbox (framed 3D objects).

The shadowbox above, made by crafter Lisa S., is filled with wedding memories including photos and dried flowers. You can fill yours with all sorts of memorabilia like ticket stubs, cards, keys, figurines, and handwritten love notes. Now watch as your partner is bowled over by your thoughtfulness.


4. Customized cuddle blanket (and pillow)

A blanket as a V-Day gift? When you personalize it, it can be so sweet! We nominate the soft fleece blanket above that says "We should probably cuddle," complete with your and your loved one's names. Or, if you want something more romantic, pick our customized blanket and pillow below with the message "I loved you then, I love you still. Always have, always will." Swoon!

Blanket pictured above: Personalized "We Should Probably Cuddle" Premium Fleece Blanket


Blanket pictured above: Personalized "I Loved You Then" Premium Fleece Blanket


Pillow pictured above: Personalized Pillow "Loved You Then, Love You Still..."


5. "Favorite love story" bedroom art

This bestselling wall decor on Gear Den is everything romantic: a sweet love message printed on a rustic wood-design backdrop and completed with your couple name. Surprise your beloved with this artwork hanging in your bedroom and watch them tear up with joy.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Our Love Story" Premium Canvas


6. "A perfect marriage" decorative print

Here's a gift for spouses who've been through thick and thin. This wall art says, "A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other," and it just resonates deeply with married couples. As our customer Mischell puts it, "It is a reminder that we aren't perfect but we love each other and believe." This piece is available in various sizes, ready to display anywhere.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "A Perfect Marriage" Premium Canvas


7. An engraved accessory

There's something about metal engraving that gives a sense of permanence and steadfastness. If you like this idea, think of a metallic object that could interest your loved one -- maybe a piece of jewelry, a drink flask, or a watch -- then customize it with a brief love message or date. You can DIY it, like the ones above by Sometimes Homemade, or you can have it engraved or stamped by a local artisan.


8. "We got this" wall art gift

A relationship may be tested by challenges and disagreements, but when you're committed to each other, you can surpass any trial together. That's the message captured in this customizable artwork.

One Gear Den customer shared her experience with this gift: "I’m in a long-distance relationship. My significant other comes every other weekend; he saw this on the wall and he was very surprised and emotional. He said it’s really nice to see this on the wall in our bedroom." What a meaningful present!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "You & Me - We Got This" Premium Canvas


9. DIY photo lamp

Personalizing a lamp with photos is such a fantastic idea! When done right, it creates a romantic display that's backlit with a nice warm glow. One Google search of personalized lamps gives you tons of DIY tutorials as well as ready-to-make kits. The photo lantern above was DIYed by savvy crafter Julie just by taping photos to the inside of the lantern glass.


10. Couple travel personalized map

Are you a couple that loves traveling together? Or have you relocated a few times in your relationship? This customized world map artwork is for you. Printed on canvas, it features the countries of the world with your couple name and anniversary date on the bottom. If you want, you can continually mark your places on this map with decorative pins or stickers. Hang this one where everyone can see it, and get some great conversations going!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Life Is A Journey Best Traveled Together" Premium Canvas


So have you found the perfect Valentine's Day gift yet? Which one of these would your partner love most? Leave a comment!

If you're still looking for romantic presents, head on over to GearDen.com. Our home decor items are highly rated, especially our customizable wall art for couples. Shop now!

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