Love Rustic Interiors? Here Are 9 Inspirations And Tips

April 08, 2019 3 min read

rustic home decor interior tips

Ah, the cozy appeal of rustic homes! The rustic style is all about homey, natural beauty, replete with simple earth colors, genuine textures, and an ambiance of warm, laidback comfort.

This interior style is usually associated with log cabins that have a crackling fireplace and the homey smell of hot cocoa. However, there are a variety of ways to incorporate the rustic style in your home other than swapping your concrete walls for wood planks! These beautiful examples and doable tips show us how.


1. Rustic farmhouse

Country living is closely in touch with the rugged and the natural, which is why authentic farmhouses and barns are great inspirations for rustic decorating. If you've ever spent time at a grandparent's farm, you're likely familiar with the homey elements here: the natural finish of the wood furniture, the antique lighting, and even the simple craftsmanship of the cupboards.


2. State-ly decor

Every state has its own quaint hometown touch, be it the ranches of Texas, the historical homes of Georgia, or the waterscapes of Florida. If you're a fan of your state's rugged best, turn it into inspiration for your home decor! We love the customizable wall art above, which even features a natural-looking wood background.


3. Rustic beach house

Soft colors, driftwood materials, and easy-breezy furnishings -- these are some of the decor elements that make a beach hut so rustic and comfy. Take this style home with you by picking a more neutral color palette, white-washing certain pieces of furniture, and using lots of natural materials like cotton and rattan. Don't forget to let in lots of natural light!


4. Secret garden

The fairy-tale gardens of our childhood were rife with flower patches, cobblestone pathways, and sweet sentiments. Now, they've become fantastic inspirations for rustic, garden-inspired home decor. You can cop that magical ambiance at any corner of your house: just display your favorite blooms beside a pretty wall sign with a handcrafted look.


5. Mediterranean villa

Imagine living in a vineyard villa in Italy or a stone cottage in Greece. With their terra cotta tiles, brick walls, graceful archways, and intricate ironwork accents, life would be a charming rustic dream! Thankfully, we don't have to spend a fortune to copy this look for our homes. Pick some of its decor elements such as the earthy color palette, the exposed wood beams, and the cool stone floors. A wrought-iron lamp wouldn't hurt, either!


6. Family heirloom

A rustic house often feels comfortably lived-in, like it's been the family's haven for generations. Through many summers and Christmases, it's been home in the truest sense of the word. That's why you'll often find grandpa's antiques and grandma's crafts in such houses.

Display your family heirloom proudly for rustic appeal -- or create your own treasure to honor your kin. The personalized family art above is an elegant example.


7. Rustic modern

Even in a modern, sophisticated house, rustic elements can add a unique flavor. If your home is based on the crisp whites, clean lines, and sparseness of modern interiors, you can strategically incorporate small doses of wood and stone. Note the wood beams, stone accent wall, and barn-inspired door in the kitchen above.


8. Romantic haven

Rustic is a popular theme for weddings and anniversaries. Why not take a beautiful memento from your wedding and turn it into a rustic accent for your home? The "love story" wall art above is an absolute bestseller, not only because it is personalized, but also because its sweet rustic design adds coziness to any couple's bedroom.


9. Cabin in the woods

Of course, when we say "rustic", the quintessential image in our minds is a warm wood cottage. Wooden materials and natural warmth are undeniably the essential hallmarks of rustic interior style, so see how you can use these two in your home. Perhaps with wood floors, a shiplap accent wall, or an autumn-colored mantel?

If you're not ready to invest in some major rustic-style changes, you can opt for inexpensive rustic wall art instead (we have a great selection here). Throw in a quaint rug, some cozy blankets, and some good company, and you're all set!


Looking at these examples just fills us with motivation to redecorate our homes right about now! Which items are your favorites?

For more of the homey interior decor featured here, check out the well-loved pieces at!


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