8 Of the Cutest, Coziest Blankets For Sweater Weather

October 28, 2019 3 min read

fleece blankets cute designs

Hot cocoa, the smell of cinnamon, a crackling fire -- these are just some of the things we absolutely love about the fall and winter seasons. But what would the experience be without a warm, comfy blanket to snuggle in? Whether you're curling up in your couch with a good book or enjoying a fun bonfire with your friends, you'll want to take these premium fleece blankets that are not only warm and soft but irresistibly cute, too!


1. Cuddle companion

If your perfect sweater weather includes the warmth and company of your significant other, then this is your perfect blanket. It's personalized to feature your couple names in warm gray hues -- just the right color match for your winter wonderland.


2. Pet portrait

Another great companion during these chilly seasons? Why, your beloved fur baby, of course! Customize your blanket with a pet portrait print so you can take their happy little smile with you during camping, work trips, family visits -- pretty much everywhere you go!


3. Pretty positivity

This blanket's design is among the most well-loved on Gear Den, and it's easy to see why. It bears a beautiful motivational message for living a great life, and its colorful print makes it a pretty decor addition, whether in the bedroom or as a throw over the couch.


4. Rustic family blanket

Another customer favorite on Gear Den, this family-themed blanket design is just so rustic and quaint, it fits into the cozy-cabin ambiance perfectly. Look how dainty it looks as a sofa throw!

PS. Find more inspiration for rustic home decorating here.


5. Sweet baby blanket

Don't forget to wrap your kids up in comfort and warmth this season. This delicate, watercolor-themed baby blanket can be personalized with their own name, making it their own special companion. The fleece material is also high-quality and durable, so your child can grow up with their baby blanket for many years.

For other baby blanket designs, check out our equally adorable unicorn blanket and the beautiful variants of our birth details blanket.


6. Picture-perfect

If you're all about personalization and romance, this custom couple blanket is for you! It features your own couple photo alongside a love quote in calligraphy style. It can't get any sweeter than this!


7. Mr. & Mrs., black and white

Want a more low-key personalized couple blanket? Here's one of our favorites: a simple but eye-catching text design featuring your own family name and year. We just love how the white-on-black typography creates a classy feel that's not too sweet yet also not boring.


8. Family monogram

Speaking of classy, having your very own family monogram can bring some effortless elegance into your home. This personalized monogram blanket beautifully spotlights not only your family name but also the year it began. The cool teal colors only complement the stylish print.


Bonus: Pair it with a pillow!

Top off your favorite blanket with an equally cute and cushy pillow, like the "Five More Minutes" pillow above. See more of these cushions on Gear Den -- click here!

And to complete your fall/winter comfort, we found what is quite possibly the best hot chocolate recipe here. Mmm... we're excited to laze around on the couch already!

Ready to cozy up and chill out? Decorate your nest to make it even more conducive for hibernation. Find more home items you'll love at GearDen.com!

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