10 Delightfully Unconventional Wall Art Pieces To Wow Your Guests

April 14, 2021 4 min read

unconventional wall art ideas

Sure, we like cozy, timeless decor for our homes. But every once in a while, we spot a living room artwork or a dining room installation that just commands our attention because of how unique it is. Even better is finding home decor that's not only unique but attractively memorable as well! It leaves a lasting (good) impression about "that house of an acquaintance that we visited the year before."

If you'd love to make this kind of impact on your guests -- or if you just really love wall art that can't be found anywhere else -- we got you! The following wall art ideas are so unconventionally charming, they'll instantly add character to your home.


1. Indoor mural

Large-scale wall art has been an interior design trend in recent years, and what could be more large-scale than floor-to-ceiling murals? When done right, these can turn out to be strikingly beautiful instead of messy or noisy. The example above was created by the homeowner himself using chalkboard paint and some incredible chalk art skills. Another example, below, can be recreated using wallpaper. Gorgeous, isn't it?


2. Triple treat

If one wall piece can make an impression, three can make an impact! A three-piece wall decor set is perfect if you can't be contained in one square. You can arrange the pieces in one row for a neat look, but you can also play around with them: go diagonal, mix them with other decor, lean them as a tabletop gallery, or however your heart desires.

Bonus tip: Choose an artwork set that can be personalized with your own unique details! Our triptych above is customizable with your initials alongside your partner's.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Couple's Initials Premium Canvas Set


3. Vertical wall planter

Ever seen a living, breathing wall art installation? Take a look at this strikingly gorgeous vertical mini garden! Unlike other vertical plant displays, this one actually puts the plants within an attractive wood frame, so they look like a lush 3D picture. Yes, those plants are alive and rooted. And yes, you can have one in your own home. Those plant frames in the photo are actually do-it-yourself, featured in Sunset magazine.


4. Art, clockwise

How about turning your wall clock into a work of art? One of our savvy customers at Gear Den, Mr. Nelson M., purchased a custom canvas print from us and converted it into a fabulous clock face! If you want to do something similar, there are tutorials you can find on google on replacing a wall clock face with a different picture. It's just fantastic that Nelson used his Gear Den print, which features a personalized monogram of their family name.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name Color Choice Premium Canvas


5. Wake-up call

People usually associate kitchens with practicality, busy-ness, and sometimes, stressful situations. So how delightful is it to find a dash of humor in a kitchen wall art? The one above -- which boldly calls "Rise and shine, mother cluckers!" -- is just naughty enough to be fun but not offensive. See it brighten the sleepy faces of your breakfast crowd!

Wall art pictured above: "Rise And Shine!" Premium Canvas


6. Breaking family barriers

We absolutely love home decor that spotlights the uniqueness of the household, especially if it has to do with breaking barriers. It might be the love shared by adoptive parents and adopted children, between stepsiblings, or between two lovers of different backgrounds. Here at Gear Den, we celebrate these specific familial qualities because they're so meaningful, yet not many art prints feature them. See our wall art pieces above and below.

Wall art pictured above: "Adoption Took Time, Love Arrived Instantly" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: Personalized "We Aren't Step Family" Premium Canvas


Wall art pictured above: Personalized Mexican American Flag & Family Name

Also available: Irish-American family print


7. Unboxing art

One of our favorite wall decorating ideas is to use decorative mounted shelves. With these, you get additional storage for your knick-knacks, but they'll look like artful displays because of the decorative shelf design. There are endless options you can buy or DIY, from floating shelves to hexagon boxes to wood-and-metal installations. One example that's pretty impressive is the do-it-yourself art shelves above from Creme de la Craft. They made these out of shoe boxes -- can you believe it?


8. Cheeky bathroom art

Many homeowners forgo art in their bathroom, toilet, or powder room, but this cute ass -- er, donkey -- might convince you to decorate this space. It's a funny addition to a room that would otherwise be utilitarian and 'safe.' A bit of silliness could brighten up those four walls!

We have other funny, silly wall prints here, so you can inject unexpected humor into more corners of your home.

Wall art pictured above: "Hello Sweet Cheeks" Bathroom Premium Canvas


9. Sweet sugar skulls

When we say "skulls," the last thing you might think of is "art." Yet the "sugar skull" artwork above actually looks artsy and adorable! It reminds us of those sweet Tim Burton movies like "The Nightmare Before Christmas," or of the bright calavera motifs of Mexico. This artwork also weaves in a romantic "'Til death do us part" pun that makes it even less somber and more endearing. Perfect for fun, creative couples!

Wall art pictured above: "'Til Death Do Us Part" Premium Canvas


10. Milestones marker

A canvas print full of numbers? The custom artwork above might look like some sort of calendar at first, but it's actually a meaningful token of significant dates in your family. Those dates might be your wedding day, the birth of your kids, or other best days of your lives. The best part about this wall decor is that it's a conversation piece -- your guests will want to ask about those dates, you'll get to tell your stories, and it'll get the conversations rolling.

We have more wall art pieces that feature your milestone dates -- see here!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "The Best Days Of Our Lives" Premium Canvas


Did any of these wall pieces capture your fancy? Which one is your favorite? We have lots more at GearDen.com -- start browsing for your next eye-catching wall art now!

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