12+ Lovely, Unique, & Memorable Christmas Decor Ideas

November 22, 2022 4 min read

unique Christmas decor ideas 2022

Deck the halls in a uniquely beautiful way!

One of the things that make moments unforgettable is the decor. You probably have memories of a childhood Christmas with the tinsel-covered tree, or of a New Year's Eve way back with an elegant color theme. More than enlivening the space, the right decor creates a specific feeling that stays with you long after the occasion is over.

So for Christmas 2022 (and New Year's 2023), let's make special memories with unique holiday decorations. Below, you'll find great tips for putting one-of-a-kind twists to your Christmas decor, making your home not just splendid and cozy, but memorable, too!


1. White Nordic Christmas

Nordic or Scandinavian decor is known for its serene white interiors, made warm with natural wood elements and cozy textiles. This style evokes a beautifully crisp Christmas morning, when you come down the stairs and feel that "all is calm, all is bright." See these examples:

blond child playing near white Christmas tree and logs


Wall art pictured above: "Buddy The Elf" Premium Christmas Canvas


2. Falling snowflakes

We're so impressed with our customer Cariello's decor idea to hang snowflake ornaments over their dining table (below). They then pair it with a frosty dining room artwork from Gear Den. The whole effect is a magical winter wonderland vibe for kids and kids-at-heart!

Wall art pictured above: "Friends & Family Gather Here" Premium Rustic Canvas

See more examples of Gear Den customers with fab decor here!


3. DIY wall-mounted Christmas tree

Got a small space but still want to put up a tree? The DIY mavens at Engineer Your Space came up with a wall-mounted Christmas tree that looks just like the real thing! You can have that yuletide ambiance without sacrificing square footage.


4. Family collage wall decor

Christmas should be a meaningful occasion for the family, and to create this familial atmosphere, nothing beats a good old photo collage. This year, have your photo wall professionally done through our personalized canvas print. You choose your pictures, we turn them into a wonderful piece of art!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "This Is Us" With Photos Premium Canvas


5. DIY paper decor

If you're going for an affordable, eco-friendly Christmas, the internet offers up endless DIY crafts for paper decor. From elaborate paper flowers to simple paper 'baubles' (like the example below from Psyche), these decorations don't create a ton of plastic waste after the holidays. Bonus tip: Spend an afternoon making these crafts with your kids!


6. Personalized holiday blanket

Never discount the power of blankets! Not only do they provide warmth, they're also highly visible decor elements -- so pick one that truly fits your Christmas style. Our teal-colored personalized blanket is perfect for the season, and because it's customized, you won't find a replica anywhere. Drape it over your couch and pair it with a family-print pillow (further below) to complete that homey comfort.

Blanket pictured above: Personalized Family Name Premium Teal Fleece Blanket


Pillow pictured above: Personalized Photo Pillow "Family... Love"


7. Minimalist Christmas decor

Not a lot of people think of minimalism as Christmas-y, but it can actually be an elegant and inviting approach to holiday decorating. Our three tips: Maintain a simple color palette, decorate with natural foliage, and add a light sprinkling of metallic or shiny objects. Just look at these lovely examples:


Wall art pictured above: "Joy, Love... Christmas" Premium Canvas


8. Disco ball sparkle

A disco ball for Christmas? Why not! The sparkles off a mirrored ball are surprisingly magical and cozy against the soft glow of the holidays. Hang a large disco ball next to a lighting fixture for optimum effect, or get a dozen small ones and hang them as ornaments on your Christmas tree!


9. Rustic cabin look

Even if you can't spend the winter in a lovely hideaway cabin, you can recreate that warm, cozy atmosphere by filling your space with rustic decor. Go for rich wood colors, natural textures, and handmade objects. One of our favorite projects is creating an accent wall using salvaged wood pallets. Or you can take the shortcut by just hanging beautiful woodsy artworks!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Name "Home" Premium Panoramic Canvas


10. Herb wreath

Now here's a clever and useful take on a classic Christmas ornament. Bundle up some fresh herb stalks from your garden and turn them into a fragrant holiday wreath! Isn't this just perfect for your kitchen or dining room? You can pick your garnish from it, too! The one below was made by Figs and Fontes.


11. Twigs the season

Twigs and small branches may be something we ignore every day, but they're fantastic features for a table-topper! Pick some clean-looking branches and rinse them off with soap and water. Once dry, you can spray-paint them a color of your choice or just leave them au naturel. Then, arrange them on a tall glass jar, hang matching baubles, and voila, a pretty centerpiece or mantelpiece!

See more tips and ideas on foraging your decor from nature, here.


12. Woodland magic

Christmas doesn't always have to be showy reds and golds. You can take inspiration instead from the beauty of nature this time of year, when the world sparkles with snow and the smell of pine fills the air. For forest-inspired decor, lean on deep green garlands, wooden ornaments, and animal figures such as deer and winter birds. Whimsical, cozy, and beautiful!

Wall art pictured above: "All Is Calm, All Is Bright" Premium Canvas


Does any of these Christmas decor ideas strike your fancy? Tell us about your decorations this year -- leave a comment!

If you liked the home decor items featured above, there are tons more on GearDen.com! Browse our Christmas wall decor, personalized wall signs, and other home goods that make perfect presents, too.

Wishing you a holiday season to remember, from all of us at Gear Den! 

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