Neutral Is Beautiful! 10 Neutral-Colored Wall Art That Pop!

April 07, 2020 3 min read

tips for neutral colored wall decor

Beige, gray, white, brown, and tan -- people often think of these neutral colors as safe and bland, particularly when it comes to interior decor. But we've got 10 of the best proofs that neutral-colored wall decor can WOW, too! Take a look at these exciting and impressive wall art pieces in neutral shades.


1. Monogram spotlight

A pale beige background is a perfect stage for when you want something to stand out, and that's exactly what you see on this personalized family initial art. Your very own family monogram is set in black against a wood-inspired backdrop, making a wall accent that immediately catches the eye in an elegant way. Hang this as a classy welcome sign in your entry, or as an artwork in your living room or dining room.


2. Gorgeous grays

Who says a gray artwork always disappears into the background? This lovely couple-themed wall art has fun with various tones of gray, and it stands out because of two things: the unexpected, large-scale panoramic size, and the whimsical calligraphy text design. Look how gorgeous it looks in a neutral-themed bedroom!

See more panoramic wall art pieces here!


3. Classy gallery

A black-and-white gallery wall is timeless and always elegant. You can enlist a graphic design professional to render your favorite photos in beautiful B&W, or you can tinker with them yourself on Photoshop. Mount each photo on a white board, frame with sleek black frames, and hang in a symmetrical arrangement. Casey of The DIY Playbook shows us a more detailed tutorial here.


4. Whitewashed beauty

There's something cozy about weathered wood decor; it puts us in a laid-back, Sunday-morning state of mind. The wall sign above takes a barely-there background that looks like real whitewashed wood, and turns it into a rustic family art. We like the mix of the weathered look and the dainty flourishes -- great for shabby-chic decorating.


5. Dreamy infinity decor

With the right toning, your favorite color can be dialed down enough to achieve a neutral shade. An example is the pretty infinity art above: a rose-gold artwork toned down to a whisper-light blush. This color, combined with the sweet infinity sign motif, makes it perfect for a stylish, feminine room. Your daughter's, perhaps, or even your own bedroom!


6. Charming brown

Brown wood tones are often associated with formal offices or rustic cabins. Yet the "Grateful, Thankful, Blessed" wall sign above shows that wood-like designs can be sweet and sprightly, too. It's all thanks to the spirited calligraphy and the little hearts accenting the print.


7. Minimalist line art

Would you believe that the artworks above weren't sketched by a professional artist or bought from a store? They're DIY'd using a common marker! Youtuber ClaCali shows us how she created these minimalist line art pieces that are so easy and affordable but so deceivingly chic! You can probably make a few of your own in a jiffy.

Learn how to decorate your walls in a minimalist style here!


8. Stunning dark wood

When it comes to home accents, dark hardwood decor can add a richness and refinement to your interiors. But you don't have to purchase an expensive wood statement piece to achieve this! The personalized family panorama above is a canvas print featuring a gorgeous wood background that looks just like the real thing. It can effortlessly transform vanilla-colored walls into a more sophisticated sight.


9. White with hints of color

We love the simple yet delightful design in this customized dining room artwork. The dynamic typeface and the contrasting touches of teal add fun to an otherwise black-and-white wall sign. With this balance of simplicity and play, this decor can go from relaxed brunches to formal dinners.


10. Geometric standout

Here's another customized dining room wall decor, and this one really pops from the wall! It may be black and white, but its geometric design catches the eye and is perfect for highlighting that wonderful mealtime prayer. And yes, you can have your family name incorporated in this design, too!


Which of these neutral wall decor would fit nicely in your own home? Tell us in a comment!

If you want to find more of these pieces, browse -- we have tons of similar artworks that are highly rated by real homeowners! Happy decor shopping!

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