10 AMAZING Tips for Styling Your Pillows As Decor

October 11, 2020 5 min read

10 AMAZING Tips for Styling Your Pillows As Decor

Could you be missing out on one of the most impactful decor elements in your living room and bedroom? Surprise -- it's your pillows! We tend to take for granted these common household items because they're so useful and comfy, and we often just end up lying on them while watching TV. But when you feel that your space needs a little style boost, or if you're about to welcome guests into your home, pillows can be an inexpensive and versatile way to make your interiors look beautifully put-together.

Let's take a more deliberate approach to our pillows and cushions. Here are pillow-styling tips you can try today for an amazing difference.


1. Basic pillow-mixing formulas

If you're just starting to reconsider your throw pillows and bed pillows, you can never go wrong with these easy, effortlessly stylish formulas for mixing and matching.


A solid, a print, and a finer print

The arrangement above by crafty blogger Meghan features a solid-colored pillow, topped with a bold floral print, topped with a smaller animal print. The one thing that keeps this interesting mix so cohesive? They're all of the same color family!


Color 1, Color 2, Color 1

Use just two colors for your beddings, and arrange them in alternating layers, like the white-brown-white combo above. This super-simple trick is used in a lot of classy hotel rooms and apartments -- it's foolproof elegance!


2. Prints and patterns galore

If you want to be bolder with your pillow designs, but don't want them to look messy and uncoordinated, try this: mix several prints and patterns, but make sure there's one color that's visibly common in all of them. This color acts like a thread that pieces them all together, so they still look like they belong with each other. Notice how the display above incorporates florals and stripes, but still look so good as a whole because of that orange color that ties it all together.


3. One striking statement

How about something unique? You can opt to display mostly 'safe' cushion designs (plain colors, neutrals, etc), but put that oomph into your arrangement by topping it all off with one eye-catching pillow. It can be one with a striking print, an unusual texture, or a shape that's different from the rest.


4. Elegant personalized print

Speaking of unique, another way to wow your guests with just your pillows is by showcasing custom-printed ones that can't be found anywhere else. Gear Den has fantastic pillow customization options that now grace the homes of decor enthusiasts like you! You can get your chosen name or picture printed on a super-affordable pillow cover, or directly on a pre-stuffed pillow.

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Name Pillow With Floral Print


5. Layered 'headboard'

If your bed does not have a headboard, or if you want to cozify a backless bench or daybed, your pretty pillows can work double-duty! Just pick a pillow size that's appropriate for the furniture. For instance, a wide bed may call for bigger pillows to layer on, while a narrow bench may accommodate a slim cushion or even a narrow bolster pillow.

Blanket pictured above: Personalized Family Name Premium Fleece Teal Blanket


6. Picture-perfect

Here's another idea that Gear Den customers just adore: feature your own photo on the pillow! Many of our customers choose to print their favorite family portraits on their throws for that nice, homey feel, but you can also get creative with other images. How about a funny candid picture to add humor to your family room, or a cherished baby picture to celebrate a life milestone?

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Photo Pillow "Family... Love"


7. A dash of metallics

One of the biggest trends to come out in recent seasons is adding splashes of metallic sheen to your decor -- yes, even to your cushions! You can easily find pillow slipcovers that are made of metallic fabrics (like lamé or organza) or jazzed up with shiny accents (like sequins, beads, or fabric paint). Just remember to use a moderate amount of metal finishes, and sprinkle them across the room to avoid looking gaudy.

See our tips on beautifully decorating with metallic accents, here.


8. Color-blocking

Color-blocking means arranging items of various solid colors right next to each other. See how the throw pillows above are all in different candy colors yet look so fun and aesthetic when grouped together. Don't be afraid to play around with the pillows you have at home. You probably already have a few sets of cushions that you just need to mix and match for a refreshing new look!

Wall art pictured above: "Make Your Dreams Happen" Premium Canvas


9. Black-and-white beauty

Ever considered black-and-white pillows? They can be beautifully versatile!

For instance, you can build a monochromatic color scheme that's graceful and classy. To keep it from looking boring, incorporate a few black and white prints together, especially ones that have a unique significance to you. The pillow arrangement above puts a personalized print front and center, standing out from other black-and-white patterns.

Pillow pictured above: Personalized Pillow "Loved You Then, Love You Still"


You can also opt for a much lighter tone by using more whites and grays than black, like in the photo below. We love how this color palette creates a relaxing ambiance -- perfect for your bedroom or reading nook:

Pillow pictured above: "Family - Whole Lot Of Love" Hearts Background Pillow 


Yet another way to use black-and-white pillows? Contrast them against brightly-colored furniture! If you have an orange or red couch, or a patio bench in a sweet blue hue, a black-and-white cushion would be a great topper to it:

Pillow pictured above: "You & Me (And The Dogs)" Pillow


10. Straight from the art

Can't decide what color pillows to use? One trick we love is to 'pull' a color from nearby wall art, then build from there. Notice how the rust-orange color of the artwork above is echoed in the bed pillows (and the chair cushions). The decorator then completes the look with a dark shade of blue, which is the complementary color of orange in the color wheel.

Here's another example, which clearly sticks to the blue-and-white nautical theme of the room:


These decorating tips have made us excited to refresh our pillows at home! How about you? Which tips are you trying out?

If you liked the cute, cozy, homey pillows we featured above, you'll love our pillow collection on Gear Den, with many varied designs and even customization options! Click here to browse and shop. Happy decorating!

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