10 Cozy, Beautiful 2019/2020 Winter Decor Ideas For Your Home

November 13, 2019 4 min read

winter holidays decor 2019

As the air gets chillier and the evenings grow longer, we're once again brought to this most snuggle-inducing season: childhood Christmases around the fireplace; the scent of hot cocoa, cinnamon, and pine in the air; and the slow, calm days of hibernating under a pile of warm blankets. This year, you can make your home beautifully conducive for the holidays, thanks to updated winter decor trends that are modern yet absolutely cozy. Here are tips and tricks for winter home decorating.


1. Black on white

Crisp winter whites are a staple every year, but in 2019, stylish homes are accentuating their clean white base with graceful black elements. We see elegant black furniture, window frames, lamps, and even wallpaper. This brighter take on B&W makes for a sophisticated yet peaceful home ambiance.


2. Neutrals and white

If you prefer a softer, homier version of the white winter, pair your whites with warm neutrals. Desaturated earth tones such as beige, tan, and warm wood are back in the spotlight this year, and so are light grays that emulate Scandinavian style.

The easiest way to bring on these neutrals? Pile on chunky pillows and warm blankets in your preferred soft shades. Try our personalized "Cuddle" blanket above, made of premium fleece in warm gray.


3. Peacock hues

On the other side of the decor spectrum, we are blessed this year with the popularity of deep jewel tones such as midnight blue, dark teal, and emerald green. Think beautiful peacock feathers! Some of the most gorgeous homes are not afraid to apply these rich colors on entire walls and furniture, creating beautiful, moody spaces that look so luxurious (without necessarily being pricey).

If you're not ready for this bold commitment, add these colors sparingly to your home, such as with wall art, rugs, beddings, and upholstery. How about some plush throws, like the navy blue "Sun and Stars" pillow below?


4. Mood-setting lighting

Interior designers point out that ambient lighting is an essential element in cozy winter homes. We absolutely agree! Opt for fabric-wrapped lamps that cast a soft, textured glow on the room. We even found this DIY tutorial on making a textured 'floral' lampshade out of -- wait for it -- coffee filters! Can you believe how pretty it turned out?

Want something more effortless? Light a few scented candles around the room for instant ambiance.


5. Into the woods

Interior decor trends in recent years have moved away from the synthetic and towards the natural, the wild, the lush. For the 2019 holidays, we're seeing not just a few sprigs of holly but entire plantscapes, moss and twig table toppers, foliage chandeliers, and even forest scenes on the wall. Paired with lovely lighting, these rustic decorations make for a different kind of winter wonderland -- a walk through an enchanted forest that makes the season magical.

To emulate this look without going overboard, you can pair your usual holiday greens with rustic, wood-like wall art, like this nature-inspired custom family sign:


6. Layered rugs

When the cold starts to bite, you probably think, "Can we just wrap this house in warm wovens?" Well, in a way, yes! Layering rugs is actually a neat trick that decorators apply in this chilly season. Lifestyle maven Taysha Murtaugh says it's about pattern-mixing. "The trick is picking patterns and colors that are complementary but still different enough."


7. Art in a vignette

A wreath is quintessential during the holidays, but why does the wall still look so lonely? This year, make it merrier by opting for a complete vignette or 'scene' around your wall decor. The loveliest homes know how to hang wall art with complementing objects around it, such as lighting, ornaments, plants, and furniture.

Notice how our "Family, Crazy, Love" wall print above looks perfectly complete among its surrounding furnishings. To achieve this look, see our step-by-step on making a decor vignette, as well as our guide in pairing wall art with other objects.


8. Metallics

The subtle shine of metallic decor adds spark to our homes during these gloomy days. Plus, they help create that festive atmosphere for holiday entertaining. Fortunately, metallic finishes are on everything these days, from lamps to kitchen hardware to cabinet handles.

But this doesn't mean we should overdecorate with tinsel! Keep the shine to a tasteful few. Our favorite right now are metallic colors and textures incorporated into wall art, like in the modern geometric canvas print above. It's unexpected and makes your wall display much more attractive!

Read our tips on properly adding metallic accents to your home.


9. Winter tablescapes

Go beyond Christmas trees and holiday streamers this year. Wow your guests with tabletop ornaments that are thoughtfully put together into beautiful tablescapes. It can be the classic candle-and-pinecone combo on your coffee table, a full-on leaf table runner on your dining setting, or a whimsical snow globe display on your sideboard -- the possibilities are endless.

One of our favorite tablescapes for the season is this mantelpiece display featuring a holiday-themed artwork (below). So effortlessly stunning!


10. Victorian aesthetics

We've all seen the the hallmarks of Victorian decor: ornate chandeliers, gilded furnishings, thick draperies, and lots of florals everywhere. While you're probably not aiming for your house to look like a 19th century castle, you can borrow certain decor elements from this period to add luxe to your home during the holidays. Perhaps an ornately framed mirror on the wall, some beautiful handpainted china, or even a statement chandelier that you can definitely consider an investment piece.


Looking at these 2019 winter decor trends, we're so excited to decorate our homes for the holidays! It's going to be a lovely season for us decor enthusiasts. Tell us about your holiday decor plans in the comments. Or start shopping for your interior decor essentials at GearDen.com!


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