Affordable Delights: Christmas Gifts Under $50 for Every Person On Your List!

November 16, 2019 5 min read

affordable Christmas gift ideas

The first rule of holiday budget gift-hunting? Shop early.

Even though November has barely started, we've rounded up the perfect presents you can get for your mom, dad, sweetheart, BFF, and even that coworker you're paired with in your office gift exchange. There's a fantastic idea here for every person on your gift-giving list. And did we mention every item on this list is super affordable? By the time the holidays roll around, you'll be sitting back on your couch, cozy from all the money-saving and stress avoidance you've made. Start adding to cart, savvy Santa!


1. For your significant other

They always say "It's the thought that counts," but let's be real -- it's Christmas. Everyone's getting gifts left and right, so it only follows that your special someone gets a special present.

A $50 budget may not sound like much in this case, but all you need is a little bit of personalization. Is your wife obsessed with a particular TV show or author? Shop for some official merch or a special edition. Does your husband collect hobby gear? Add a new tool that's specially stamped with their name. Basically, take an inexpensive item that they might like, and get it personalized or customized.

You can even make it more personal by crafting it yourself! We found this DIY tutorial on how to custom-etch some dollar-store glassware. Perfect for the drink aficionado or the kitchen maven!

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2. For Grandma/Grandpa

The simplest things make our grandparents happy, but you still want to go the extra mile for these best people in the world. We HIGHLY suggest this lovely custom-printed pillow (above -- starts at $29.95), designed with a sweet message and signed with your very own name. You can even get a version with multiple names of grandchildren.

Looking for something less sentimental but still delightful? The funny "Better With Age" shirt below puts a magnificent spin on senior age. Plus, these clothes are so comfy that Gran and Gramps will enjoy wearing them any day. Starts at $22.99.

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3. For Mom

Our mothers are the heart of the household, and it's only right to give back some of their love to them -- via beautiful home items! How about a personalized family wall art featuring all your names (above -- starts at $44.95)? Or maybe a pillow that's printed with a special photo of your family (below -- starts at $29.95)? With these meaningful home decor pieces, you'll make your mom smile for years and years to come.

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4. For Dad

Fathers seem to develop a certain sense of humor over time -- it's like dad jokes are a prerequisite for them! Well, since it's the season of cheer, now's your chance to 'give back' to dad with a chuckle-inducing present. The hilarious "Farter" pillow above (starts at $29.95) will be a hoot to open under the tree, especially because you can put your dad's picture on it, front and center!

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5. For your teenage kid

If you're not getting them the newest iPhone, and if they're not letting you have a say on what they wear, you at least have some hold on what their bedroom looks like! Getting personalized wall art for your teen is a win-win: they'll be into the design, and you'll be seeing less of those messy posters on their walls.

The custom baseball print above and the personalized cheerleader print below each start at $39.95.

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6. For your little kids

Instead of more toys and trinkets for toddlers and school-age kids, try something practical this year. Yes, it's possible for children to like useful stuff! For instance, this cute personalized unicorn blanket is something your little girl will want to carry around with her everywhere. And it's a gift for parents, too, because this fleece blanket is child-friendly, durable, and all-around handy. Starts at $44.95


7. For your best friend

Over the years, you've probably given your BFF lots of presents: friendship bracelets, matching jewelry, spa days, you name it. This year, how about a little jab at their crazy obsessions? Maybe your friend is a makeup junkie, or a huge fan-girl of a celebrity, or a serious hobbyist. Find a related gag gift around it, and get ready for the giggles.

At Gear Den, one of the things we're, um, passionate about is caring for our pets. The personalized dog-owner wall sign above ($44.95) is just perfect for a serious 'fur parent' friend!

For something less jokey and a lot sweeter, gift your best pal with a beautiful motivational artwork that they'll love looking at every day. The canvas print below is a bestseller on Gear Den, and it starts at just $44.95:


8. For your coworker

Who wants another mug, right? Well, if it's this funny and relatable, it might just become your colleague's new favorite drinkware! Now even their coffee mug commiserates with their work woes. ($14.99)

Or, for something just as wacky but not a mug, this crazy office wall sign can be your coworker's confirmation that they're not the only one who's a little zany at your workplace (starts at $44.95):

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9. For your church buddy

For your favorite Bible study partner or church volunteer, Christmas itself is already a blessing. But you can show extra thoughtfulness by gifting them with a little token. A special little bookmark is always appreciated, perfect for their Holy Book or daily devotionals. Other meaningful presents you may consider: rosary beads, a tea basket, a little potted plant, a Bible-themed planner, or a religious car accessory like the one below ($14.99):


10. And finally, for a generic gift that's not too generic...

Looking for something nice but not too personal? Maybe a gift to a neighbor or a favorite teacher or your longtime family doctor? The endless selection of generic gifts out there can give you choice paralysis. But we've narrowed it down right here!

One -- yes, we're going with a coffee mug. But not just any coffee mug! Choose one that's relatable, cute, and even a little silly. The one above is at $14.99.

But you know what else is a universally practical gift? Why, a brand-new fluffy pillow, of course! Who wouldn't appreciate the cozy "Five More Minutes" pillow below? It can provide comfort to anyone anywhere, from the bedroom to the couch to the car and even at work! Starts at $29.95:


Anyone else you'd really love to shop for this holiday season? What are your affordable gift suggestions? Tell us in a comment!

If you're ready to start holiday shopping, you don't even need to leave your seat! Click on over to for wonderful gift items that real customers love!

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