Personal Is Best: 12 Personalized Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

January 24, 2020 5 min read

personalized Valentine's Day presents

Every year, most of us go out on a limb to look for the best Valentine's Day presents for our beloved, be it our husband or wife, fiance or fiancee, boyfriend or girlfriend, or a special new Valentine date. And oh, the specifics we have to go through! The V-Day gift must be romantic but not over-the-top; meaningful but not cheap; special but not too special that it burns a hole in your budget.

Here's a helpful tip for you: Personalized items are some of the sweetest, most meaningful, yet affordable gifts. Yes, they're items that have your sweetheart's name, photo, or special details printed on them. But don't just go for a boring mug with a name print! Here's your guide on the best (but most budget-friendly) personalized presents you can give your significant other this February 14. Click on each image or heading to see how you can get these gifts!


1. Sweet poem wall art

Poetry is the language of love, so what could be sweeter than a love poem printed as a floral artwork and dedicated specifically to your sweetheart? The customized wall art above is something that your loved one will treasure personally but will also want to display to the world because it's just so pretty! Plus, it's better than a pricey bouquet of flowers, because this canvas print lasts a long time.


2. Cozy couple photo blanket

Blankets are practical gifts, but in the case of the personalized blanket above, they're symbolic, too. With the photo of you and your sweetheart printed on it, you turn this household item into a special token of your relationship -- an item that is not only useful but romantic, too. The best part? Both of you can snuggle in this warm fleece blanket and get toasty together.

If your loved one would like something more subtle, there's also an all-text variation of this blanket (below). It doesn't have a photo, just the quote as well as your couple names and date printed on it. But it's far from boring! The black-and-white calligraphy is just so elegant, it might just be the envy of your guests!


3. Three best dates wall piece

This sweet artwork is a bestseller on Gear Den and one of our personal favorites. It's just a beautifully sentimental piece that highlights the three most special dates in your relationship: your first day together, the day you got engaged, and your wedding day. Putting those special dates on a charming wall art makes for a great memory-lane surprise for your beloved. Be prepared for teary eyes when they open your gift.


4. Custom-print pillow

A personalized couple pillow? Yes, please! The one above, featuring your very own "Mr. & Mrs." name and year print, looks great in any setting and will complement any color scheme. Get this for your spouse who likes to decorate the home, needs a cushion companion, or enjoys reading on the couch. Buy two or more to pile up on your bed or sofa!


5. God-given love

If you're a couple bound together by faith, this custom-printed artwork is perfect for you. "God knew my heart needed you." It's such a deep, personal message of gratefulness, directed not just to your beloved but also to God who sent you this love. Gift this wall sign to your soulmate so you can both hang it in your bedroom or anywhere in your home.


6. "We Got This" canvas print

There's something quietly beautiful about this wall sign that says "You & Me -- We Got This." It's like a mantra for the strength of your relationship, a reminder that no matter what difficulties come your way, you and your beloved can outlast it together. We know some couples for whom this message is really emotional, as they are experiencing a tough challenge in their life and they rely on each other's strength and close presence. If you and your loved one are in this situation, telling them "We got this" can mean the world to them.


7. Cuddle blanket

Look no further: we've found the perfect couple blanket. Its print is just the right amount of sweet and playful, and it somehow stays classy with its timeless neutral colors and graceful calligraphy. Plus, it's made of a premium fleece material, so it's soft and warm -- best for cozying in together! And the cherry on top? Your couple names can be printed on it! This might just be your beloved's next favorite blanket for the bed, the couch, for picnics, for looking up at the stars... oh, the sweet possibilities.


8. "My Favorite Place" wall art

"My Favorite Place In The World Is Next To You." This statement rings true for every man and woman out there who is in love with their significant other. But this customized wall art would be even more special for couples who love to travel, or for couples who are mostly long-distance, or for couples who have just moved in together! This would be so cute and fitting hung in your shared house or apartment.


9. Perfect marriage wall quote

"A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other." This is one of the best sayings about marriage because it's realistic yet motivational. When you gift this wall quote to your spouse, it's a reminder that you're both holding on, both refusing to give up, because something in your relationship makes it worth it.


10. Favorite love story artwork

Another bestseller on Gear Den, this couple wall art is just fairytale-romantic. The sweet love quote is just the start -- the entire artwork is on a rustic, wood-like backdrop and accented with heart motifs. And of course, your couple names on the bottom completes the piece.


11. DIY stamped leather bracelet

If you want to give something completely customized, you can make the gift yourself! You don't even need to be an expert crafter to do it, what with the endless YouTube tutorials and how-to blogs online. Some of our favorites are stamped leather bracelets, which are fully customizable (spell out anything!), easy to make, and affordable. The ones above are made by Erin at the Sometimes Homemade blog.


12. Forever panorama

This wall art is a little more subtle but still has a unique impact. The personalization comes in that little corner where your wedding date (or any other special date) can be printed. But what really makes this artwork stand out is its unusual size. The extra-wide panoramic dimensions make this piece an eye-catching companion to your bed, couch, or other furniture. For couples who like to keep things simple, minimal, but still stylish, this wall decor is a great pick.


Which of these gift suggestions would your sweetheart love the most? If you want more ideas, browse Gear Den's Couple Gifts section to see items that real-life couples love! Or read more of our gift compilations on our Gift & Decor Blog, which include choosing presents by occupation and some more (free!) ideas for Valentine's Day.

From all of us here at Gear Den, have a lovely, memorable Day of Hearts!

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