10 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Special Someone

February 01, 2024 4 min read

romantic candlelight picnic - Valentine's Day gift ideas - GearDen

Every year, Valentine season is rife with flowers, chocolates, and restaurant dates -- all pretty things, but also so common to find. Your loved one deserves better than off-the-rack gifts. Valentine's Day presents should be meaningful and personal, something they can cherish and won't find at just any store.

To help you out, we've picked 10 one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day gift ideas for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance(e), or partner. These are affordable, too, so read on and get shopping!


1. A couple portrait

couple portrait - couple wall art

What could be more personal than a picture of you and your beloved? To make it gift-worthy, commission an artist to create a fun rendering of your favorite couple photo and frame it. It could be a watercolor version, a pop art version, or a Victorian-style vignette complete with ornate borders. Look around your local job boards or Facebook Marketplace for artists offering their services.


2. Wall art of couple dates

wooden console table - flowers on console table - personalized couple wall art - GearDen


How sweet is this canvas print! It features the three important dates in your relationship: the day you met, the day you got engaged, and the day you got married. It's all printed on a realistic wood-like background, topped with pink accents. Your fiancee or spouse will tear up when they unwrap this Valentine present!

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "The First, Yes, Best Day" Premium Canvas


3. A romantic picnic

couple picnic - wine on picnic - picnic in the grass

"Experience gifts" are so special because you're creating a new memory with your beloved while spending quality time with them. For February 14th, a good old-fashioned picnic is an easy yet romantic experience. Where to go: your local park, seaside, or even your own backyard. What to pack: finger foods, refreshing drinks, and a nice blanket. What to do: Take in the scenery and toast your beautiful journey as a couple!

For other affordable Valentine's Day date ideas, check our blog post here!


4. "Where It All Began" romantic print 

metal bedframe - breakfast in bed tray - personalized couple wall art - GearDen


How did your love story start? Maybe "It all began at a little coffee shop"? Or perhaps "It all began with a kiss under the mistletoe"? You can commemorate that lovely story with this customizable art print! Through our product link below, we'll let you input a one-line summary of your own story, then we can print it on wood-backed canvas. Such a unique memento that will make your beloved gush and also spark conversations with guests.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Where It All Began" Couple's Premium Canvas


5.  Custom star map

Floating wooden shelf - wooden candle holder - star chart - personalized family tree wall art - GearDen


A star map has become popular in recent years as a way to mark a special occasion. It shows the position of stars in the sky on a specific date and location of your choosing. You can then print this map and frame it as a unique gift for your Valentine this February 14. There are star map businesses that offer to make one for you, or you can make it yourself using DIY tutorials on the internet. Above, our custom family tree print is displayed with a blue star map of someone's birthday.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Family Names On Tree Premium Canvas V2


6. Cuddle blanket 

Bedroom brick wall - personalized couple cuddle blanket - GearDen


Can a blanket be a romantic Valentine's gift? With personalization, yes it can! We have lots of personalized blankets and pillows at Gear Den that would make cuddle time extra-special for you and your partner. Our example above features your couple names on a blanket that says "I loved you then. I love you still. Always have. Always will." Pair this blanket with our pillow below with a similar design!

Blanket pictured above: Personalized "I Loved You Then" Premium Fleece Blanket


personalized love throw pillow - personalized couple name throw pillow - GearDen


Pillow pictured above: Personalized Pillow "Loved You Then, Love You Still"


7. Stamped jewelry

DIY jewelry - personalized couple bracelets

Standing out from the endless store-bought jewelry out there, a hand-stamped bracelet or necklace shows effort and thoughtfulness on your part. Bonus points if you get a matching pair with your couple names or initials! You can order from a trusted accessory maker, or you can make them yourself. There are tons of tutorials online with various styles and approaches. The stamped bracelets above, for example, were made by savvy crafter Laura at A Beautiful Mess.


8. Bedroom names wall art

large wooden bedframe - ornate side lamp - large personalized wooden couple names wall art - GearDen


This Valentine's Day artwork is perfect if you're living together with the love of your life. The horizontal panoramic wall art fits beautifully over your bed, so it's not only a sweet present, it's also a stylish piece of decor! The best part, of course, is the personalized print of your names in graceful calligraphy. Now that's a pretty picture to see every day.

Wall art pictured above: Personalized Couple's Names Premium Panoramic Canvas


9. Soulmate style 

wooden reading table - coffee while reading - personalized small couples names wooden table art - GearDen

Here's a romantic Valentine's Day gift for that special person you consider your soulmate. This "Soulmates" artwork from Gear Den is customizable with both of your names, comes with ready-to-hang wood backing, and comes in different sizes. You can hang it over your shared bed, lean it on the mantel, or display it on your significant other's desk for daily inspiration.


ornate wall lights - soulmates wall art - personalized couples names wall art - GearDen


Wall art pictured above: Personalized "Soulmates" Premium Canvas


10. Custom couple metal art

comfy duvet - personalized couples metal wall art - GearDen


Want a standout wall piece to gift to your spouse? Customized metal signs are a fantastic choice! Above, our "Mr. & Mrs." metal art can be personalized with your shared last name in a fanciful heart design. It's laser-cut from high-quality steel, so you can display it indoors or outdoors, and it stays durable for a long time! Surprise your wife or husband with this metal wall hanging when they wake up or come home from work.

Metal art pictured above: Personalized "Mr & Mrs" Custom Metal Sign


We hope this list helps you pick a meaningful gift for your Valentine! If you want to see more personalized gifts, browse GearDen.com. We have tons of wall prints, metal art, pillows, and blankets that are highly rated and customizable for you and your loved one.

Also, if you need ideas on what to do for your Valentine's Day date, check out our blog post here. Have a happy, romantic Valentine's Day! 

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