12 Delightful Examples of Calligraphy and Typography Wall Decor

April 14, 2020 5 min read

calligraphy typography decor

There's something about beautiful wall quotes that make them a favorite decor of countless American homes. It's not just their power to inspire. It's also their aesthetic -- the way they draw the eye and appeal to our visual taste. In short, they look wonderful on our walls!

We owe this to the many graphic artists who practice in the arts of calligraphy and typography. These two forms of lettering art are closely related, but there's a fine line between them. However, today's graphic designers have blessed us with artworks that combine calligraphy and typography so well! Read on to see how you can decorate your home with these lettering arts.


Difference Between Calligraphy And Typography

In a nutshell...

Calligraphy is the art of writing beautiful, deliberately styled characters, usually by hand and with a brush or a special pen. You've likely seen those phrases and quotes where the letters are written in such a graceful penmanship. Though calligraphy is traditionally done by hand, modern technology has allowed the digitalization and reproduction of this art.

Typography, on the other hand, is the art of choosing and arranging text to create an appealing visual. This text-based art is usually designed on a computer. If you write a poem, for example, and arrange each line to make the verses look like stairs or a winding road, you're essentially doing typography. Or even if you're just making certain words bigger than the others or playing around with fonts for visual emphasis, that's typography, too. Pretty useful for quotes, right?


Calligraphy and Typography Wall Art

Now on to decor for your home! These fantastic canvas prints combine calligraphy and typography in the best ways -- you'll just love to hang them up right away. Click on each image to see how you can buy them!


1. Personalized "It's So Good To Be Home" Premium Canvas

Rustic and pretty! This canvas print features your very own family name in a sweet calligraphy style. The background, which looks like real whitewashed wood, only makes this piece look so stylishly homey. This would be perfect for your living room, entry, or even dining room!


2. Personalized "Our Love Story" Premium Canvas

This bestselling wall decor is something you'll want to see in your own bedroom. It's a sweet testament to your love story as a couple, and with the custom name printing, you get a one-of-a-kind piece that's immensely meaningful.


3. Personalized "This Is Us" Premium Panoramic Canvas

The beauty of calligraphy is in full display with this panoramic (extra-wide) wall art. It's big and bold, but somehow still feels so homey and rustic because of the type style and that rich wood-like background. And yes, you can have the names of your family members specially printed in the art! This piece deserves a spotlight in your entry or living room.

Learn more about panoramic wall art here.


4. "Grandma Has..." Premium Canvas

One of the best uses of typography is for sending a lovely message to a special person -- just like in the grandparent wall sign above! Give this as a gift to your Gran or Nana, and she'll brighten at the sight of it each day.

See more grandparent gift ideas here.


5. "Five More Minutes" Premium Canvas

Wake up and see the wall art! This cute and modern wall decor is perfect for the chic sleepyhead in your life -- which could also be you. :) Also note the complementing contrast between the curvy calligraphy and the geometric background. Only one of the things that make this cheeky artwork so delightful.


6. "All These Dogs" Premium Canvas

If you're a pet-parent to not just one but multiple dogs, you know you need this wall sign! Next time someone questions your pet choices, just refer them to this artwork. There's also a personalized version where you can print the names of your fur-babies -- click here!


7. "Today Is A Brand New Day" Premium Canvas

It's easy to see why this artwork is one of the absolute favorites on Gear Den. Typography and calligraphy are showcased in all their glory here, and not just for aesthetic's sake either! The text delivers an inspiring manifesto for living life every day. And on top of everything, the pretty colors of this piece spruces up any wall it hangs on. Just all around charming!


8. "Food, Family, Love" Premium Canvas

Another bestseller, this mealtime wall sign is the perfect balance of homey and stylish. You can hang it in your dining room and it would fit any occasion, from lazy family brunches to classy sit-down dinners.

See more dining room decor ideas here.


9. Personalized "Family... Love" Premium Canvas

You'll love the creative layouting of this particular wall sign -- because it features everyone in your family! The names of your family members are designed right into this artwork, snugly fit in rustic little heart motifs. Your guests will surely be asking where you got this made!


10. "Straighten Your Crown" Premium Canvas

Calligraphy and hand-lettering are particularly appealing to people with a sweet nature. Which is why this floral calligraphy print is perfect for your darling daughter who only needs a little reminder of their grace. It's perfect for her bedroom or study area -- places where she could use a little boost.

See more decor ideas for children and teens here.


11. Personalized "Perfect Marriage" Premium Canvas

Now here's a wall quote about marriage that's as real as it is beautiful. "Two imperfect people who refuse to give up" -- that just nails married life, doesn't it? What makes this even more special is that you can have your and your spouse's name printed on the art, so you can really own this commitment as a couple. Great anniversary present.

See more wedding anniversary gift ideas here.


12. Personalized "Because Two People Fell In Love" Premium Canvas

We particularly adore this wall art for couples because it's sophisticated in its subtlety. The subdued lace-inspired backdrop, the monochromatic yet elegant colors, the refined text layout, the romantic motifs that aren't overwhelming -- everything about this artwork is a sweet kind of classy. The best part? Your couple names can be printed into the design!


Did these wall decor pieces convince you to add some calligraphy or typography in your home? You can find more of these fantastic artworks on GearDen.com. Numerous homes now hang our designs -- they love them, and you likely will, too!

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